Which is better: MacBook Pro (yes) or MacBook Air (no)?

  • I prefer the Pro.

    The MacBook Pro contains many more features that are relevant to my interests compared to the MacBook Air. For example, the Pro has more features as well as a greater processor and video display than the Air. I have very demanding programs such as Photoshop that would not be able to run efficiently at all on the MacBook Air.

  • MacBook Pro is better.

    I love my MacBook Pro and would not even think about getting a MacBook Air. I think that for what I use my MacBook Pro for, the MacBook Air just would not suffice. I am someone who needs lots of space and memory for the things I do. However, I'm sure there are some people who would be better suited to the MacBook Air.

  • Pro, depending on its primary usage.

    I recently bought a MacBook Pro and think it is incredible. I am often times using large programs that require a good amount of memory allocation, but have never ran into performance problems. Now if you're somebody who is just looking for a laptop to surf the internet, watch movies, or listen to music, I suggest going with the cheaper, thinner option that you get with the MacBook Air.

  • I prefer the macbook pro.

    While the MacBook Pro is more expensive than the MacBook Air, it provides several features that exceed the Air's capabilities. The MacBook Pro has better processing capabilities as well as larger memory and higher resolution. It is more ideal for the more entertainment focused consumer and thus, in my opinion, outclasses the MacBook Air.

  • Pro for sure.

    I think that the MacBook Pro offers a whole lot more in terms of power, features, and many other things when compared to the MacBook Air. The air is simply lighter and easier to move around, but does not offer much more in terms of raw performance abilities, I say.

  • I think the MacBook Air is great.

    I think that the MacBook Air is better because it is lighter and does just about the same. When you are going for travel you want the MacBook Air because it is portable and it can be moved like a book but a little heavier. So I think that the Air is much better.

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John-Smith says2013-04-02T23:27:58.097
Neither, if you are looking for the answer of which is more powerful, MacBook Pro. If you are looking for the answer of which is easier to travel with MacBook Air.