Which is better. Marvel (yes) or DC superheroes (no)

Asked by: anishyboy
  • Obviously, Marvel is the choice.

    Marvel is wayyyy better than DC because marvel has more superheroes! Think about it. Would you rather watch The Avengers, or The Dark Knight Rises. You decide. Honestly, I think marvel is better because of the Avengers, Fantastic 4, and Xmen. Wolvorine has freaking claws that come out of his hands!

    Choose wisely,

  • Why DC is better.

    DC has been around far longer than Marvel. Marvel has ripped off DC so many times. DC came out with: Green Arrow, Plastic Man, Flash, Clayface, Justice League, etc. Marvel subsequently came out with: Hawkeye, Mr. Fantastic, Quicksilver, Sandman, The Avengers. Which makes DC better. DC has far superior storylines and more memorable characters.

  • I used to be a big Marvel fan but now...

    I only collected Marvel for a really long time, then all those Marvel movies came out and I'm like.. Yech... They totally ruined my childhood memories of what those heroes and villains were like to me.

    I agree, DC is much darker but I don't like their movies any more than Marvel. I just don't have the same memories for DC.

    I'll take this moment to say, almost all the movies I've seen from Marvel and DC suck.

  • I dislike both

    If I had to choose one would choose one. Not because I am fan of DC it's because DC is darker and has a more thought provoking messages. I do like Marvel Movies and I was a huge comic nerd at one time. The reason I stopped relying on these comics is because some of them will never ever end. Spider Man kept continuing for a long time before they decided to reboot. I get marvel has awesome movies but DC let's you think more.
    By me saying that I hate both in the reason. They are terrible choice for me. I rather not care if Iron Man wins or Batman wins. You know why? Out of those heroes it'll always be writer's choice on who wins.

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