• Terraria, a game with more content and pretty much an interactive community.

    Terrara has moderators and even the staff themselves, reply to your status update. Let me say it again, STATUS UPDATES. Not only that, Terraria has a whooping 2,000+ items. Can you even count up to 2,000 without taking breaks? Terraria has much more bosses, more than 5 swords, and you know what, it's all VANILLA. Everything is legit.

    3D isn't everything. Minecraft's 90% is full of mods. Take off the mods and everything falls. That's Minecraft.

  • Minecraft is the Best Game Ever!!!!

    I know there are more weapons,bosses ,dimensions and all that stuff in Terraria but have you ever heard of Minecraft mods? And that's not all. Minecraft is more fun because it is in 3D so it feels like you are actually in the game world whereas in Terraria it doesn't. The graphics in miinecraft are much better and they can also be changed by something called "texture packs." Minecraft servers are also more fun to play on as theres hunger games, PVP, skyblock and etc other than the classic Creative and Survival modes. In Terraria, multiplayers is just playting single layer with another friend so yeah there's not reallt much to do. Minecraft worlds are also infinite and exploration and combat is much better in 3D! So say nothin Terraria Fans!

  • It truly depends.

    Terraria is a great game and recommended for gamers who love adventurous games. However, Minecraft has awesome multiplayer servers with thousands of different types of games. Many people think of minecraft as a game for little kids where you can place blocks and mine. It's much more. There are different singleplayer modes and thousands of multiplayer servers. So why Terraria?

  • Minecraft is better!!!

    In Minecraft it is 3D compared to Terraria which is 2D. Also, Minecraft is the second best selling game right now. Another fact is servers! Do you want to be alone or having a great time with your friends? Besides, Terraria is a ripoff of Minecraft. Overall, Minecraft is better.

  • Terraria is a ripoff and is just a bad, lame, boring experience.

    I TRIED to like Terraria but my goodness was it bad. It’s a cheap knockoff of the popular game “Minecraft”. I don’t like it how the owners, creators, and developers gave NO credit and respect to Minecraft whatsoever. Terraria was just a “meh” game for me. I really felt lonely and it was just a boring experience. I play ROBLOX over Terraria due to ROBLOX’s really well scripted 3D games making it a more fun experience. Minecraft has better minigames, design, and building style, and etc. Personally Minecraft’s game design is SO much cleaner and unique compared to Terraria. Don’t waste your time on the knockoff. I don’t hate Terraria and if you like Terraria more, I respect your opinion. This is just my opinion and I’m just picking Minecraft over Terraria due to the design and better experience for me. Fair well friends.

  • Minecraft is way better than tererria! Here's why...

    Minecraft is way better as it is not as sophisticated as tererria. Besides Minecraft is 3d but tererria is 2d. The format of tererria though makes it seem like it's a realistic game but with stuff like jetpack granny's, Minecraft is still more realistic. Vote for Minecraft! Tererria sucks as much as a dumb cow who can't produce anything at all! Who would want that? Minecraft on the other hand is the best selling pc game but I am not almost slightly sure that tererria even has a pc format!

  • Mixed feelings but support minecraft more.

    Though both games are 'blocky', there is still a great difference between them. For instance, minecraft is infinite, 3D, let you control better(e.G. Placing/breaking blocks). However, Terraria may be 2D, but there are also magical items and bosses, but have lesser control over the game. Although magical items can be added into minecraft through mods and sometimes have even better stuff than Terraria. So overall, I prefer minecraft.

  • I don't play terraria so much but I think Minecraft is better.

    Minecraft is a really nice game. But it is better than Terraria because it is 3D and, with mods, you can add so much to it. Terraria has some of the things you can have with mods by default, but with Minecraft, and mods, you can do so much more. So minecraft is better than Terraria.

  • More to do

    I've played and checked out both games. Both are great! However I'd say I like minecraft a tiny bit more.
    Terraria has more bosses, more items and more weapons. It even has guns. It is definitely much more adventurous and intense. However on the other hand, minecraft can be equally challenging and fun due to infinite word, 3D and possibilities. Ender dragon and wither are quietly challenging to beat. Can't beat them by an impromptu attempt.
    FACT: minecraft has more building blocks and decorations than
    Terraria is all vanilla, true, however minecraft also has vanilla. Moreover, playing minecraft with a friend can be extremely fun, just as it is with Terraria.
    Based on these facts, both games are equal,which one is better depends on what type of gamer you are. I like both, however to top it all of, minecraft multiplayer has many games to offer eg. Mcsg, pvp, faction, skywar etc. therefore I say minecraft is a little better.

  • Minecraft can be played permanently.

    Once you defeat all the bosses in Terraria, there isn't much you can do apart from improve your house. Minecraft doesn't have an end. Once you have killed the Ender Dragon and Wither, you can still focus on such glorious things as filling a double chest with steak or dirt or stuff. Minecraft objectives: Spawn. Get wood. Craft stuff. Get stone. Craft more stuff. Build a house. Survive a night full of silent suicide bombers, archer skeletons, zombies, 3-meter-tall violent beasts that teleport around. Dig holes to get ore and stuff. Craft iron stuff. Oooh! Diamonds! Craft diamond stuff. Go to nether and do nether stuff. Go to end. Destroy dragon. Go to end city and get wings. And so on until you have built a massive skyscraper fortress. Terraria: Get wood. Get stone. Build house. Die a lot while gathering armour and boss-summoning stuff. Fight all the bosses. You get bored. Terraria seems so good because it takes so long to do stuff it seems like more stuff.

  • Terraria > Minecraft

    In Terraria there are many more items and mobs to defeat. Also, Terraria provides the gamer a REAL challenge unlike minecraft where the only boss is the Ender Dragon. Even though Minecraft has a larger world size Terraria far outstrips Minecraft with the amount of items and bosses in it.

  • Terraria Is The Best Game In The Universe

    Why play that stupid game when you can play Terraria? Minecraft is full of stupidness and is the most unrealistic game ever. Who has heard of floating stone? Terraria has many more bosses and mobs, providing all players a challenge and get rewarded with every mob/boss killed. Minecraft is dumb.

  • Terraria rules and minecraft sucks

    Here is minecraft:
    Get wood
    Build a house
    Get food
    Get stone and stuff
    Yay found diamond
    Make diamond things
    Minecraft gets boring
    People get so bored that they get mods
    Here is terraria:
    Get lots of wood and build houses for NPCs to spawn
    Survive a night of zombies, demon eyes, slimes, and giant worms that shoot out cursed flames
    Get iron, copper, silver, and more stuff and make awesome armor, weapons, and tools ( there are way more in terraria than in minecraft)
    Go to the dungeon and defeat skeletron
    Enter and explore the dungeon full of skeltons, dungeon slimes, cursed skulls, dark casters and more and get awesome stuff from golden chests
    Go to the underworld and defeat the Wall of Flesh unleashing hardmode
    After unleashing hardmode, u fight tons of more enemies and bosses that are harder like wraiths, the headless horseman, the destroyer, the twins, pumpking, king slime, unicorns, werewolves, wolfs, diabolists, paladins and so much more
    Make your world even better and get much more stuff from defeating bosses
    Explore floating islands full of dragons and harpys and find out what r in the golden chests
    The list can keep going on and on. There are so many things that u can do in terraria and it doesnt need mods to make it more fun unlike minecraft.

  • Terraria is better

    The game is way longer in there almost 5000 items. In Minecraft the game is very short and personally I don't like building. When you play Terraria there is way more to do than in Minecraft. I feel like Minecraft is a very simple and short game. That is why I think Terraria is better than Minecraft

  • Terraria has much more to offer.

    Sure, Minecraft has it's THREEEE DIMENSIONS and it's wonderful building, But personally I'm not the building type. I want to do something exciting. If I was stranded on an island with 100 Minecraft lovers, And all we had was 100 Minecraft games and 1 Terraria game, I bet you, Eventually they're going to crack, Get bored of Minecraft, And beg me to let them play the Terraria game as I play my 19th playthrough and I'm still engaged in the game. There are so many things in Terraria. More biomes (that actually have a purpose unlike Minecraft biomes) more weapons, More bosses, More mobs, More mechanics, More NPCs, More items in general. Also, A few things I was always really annoyed about. "Terraria is a rip off of Minecraft, 2D Minecraft ha ha ha. " Excuse me, You know that Terraria was released May 16, 2011, And Minecraft was released NOVEMBER 18, 2011? Six month difference, Terraria being first. Another thing. "Blah blah, Minecraft is better because of 3 dimensions. " 2D games are good you know? Undertale and Mario games are a good example. And finally. "In Minecraft, You can build more stuff. " Okay, Sure, That is very true. But can someone explain to me: What is the POINT of building in Minecraft? In Terraria, There actually is a purpose: To get NPCs, And they are useful. In Minecraft, 0 purpose at all to build that actually is beneficial. Sure, You feel like, Woaahh I'm so good at building, But. . . You can only do that for so long before you get bored. Anyways, I don't want this to get too long, I rest my case.

  • Terraria for me.

    I play both games pretty consistently and both are fun. Minecraft I like primarily because it’s 3D and it has a lot of building options and perspectives because of the 3D. Terraria on the other hand, Is fun for me and better slightly because it has more creative weapons and loot, More bosses that are unique, And have a lot of customization options both in armor, Character, And cosmetic features. As someone who likes to look like a badass, Strange plants and developer sets are super important for me because there’s so many options. Aside from that, There’s so much to do in this game and it’s always filled with action.

  • I just prefer it

    I love terraria and its great one of my fav games
    But Minecraft’s vinila gets old but servers are great and well
    If this isn’t a battle of vinila Minecraft will win if it’s a battle of vinila terraria wins I only count vanilla
    Word word word word word word

  • Terraria has more

    Shore minecraft has 3d but that isn't everything did you forget about the 2000+ items 15 bosses and over all way better experience minecraft is just build build build and do nothing else were as in terraria you have progressing experiencing you have to explore to progress into harder bosses which allows you to defeat even harder bosses and don't even use the argument minecraft has mods well so does terraria and they add thousands more things into terraria

  • They're both great games, But I'm gonna have to say Terraria is slightly better.

    Minecraft is too realistic, There are very few fantasy things. In Terraria, Everything is weird and super creative. Plus, You can be a summoner, Mage, Or gun-shooter (don't want to say ranged because that includes bows too), Which you can't be in Minecraft. While Minecraft has Creative and Survival, Terraria gives you more Creative-like powers the more you play. After killing UFOs many times, You eventually get the Cosmic Car Key, Which summons a UFO. You can also get a Shrimpy Truffle from killing Duke Fishron in Expert mode (He's a giant flying pig fish dragon. I told you the game is weird). Both of these mounts allow you to fly for unlimited time. You also earn the power of stats. Monsters drop certain tools like the Depth Meter or Metal Detector, Which can be combined into a Cell Phone. The Cell Phone displays all of the stats combined, And can teleport you back home as well. Being able to fly and see stats feels a lot less like cheating, Since you earn it by playing well. There's also a lot more weapon variety. You have broadswords, Shortswords, Autoswing swords, Projectile swords, Bows, Repeaters, Multibows, SMGs, Shotguns, Assault Rifles, Sniper Rifles, Pistols, Magic Staves, Summon Staves, Magic Projectiles, Yoyos, Special melee items like the Death Sickle, And more.

  • Terraria has more stuff

    In MInecraft, There is around 49 creatures, 2 bosses that require just hitting a diamond sword on them, 150 blocks, Swords, Bows, Armors, Dyes, Potions, Crafting tables, Furnaces

    In Terraria, There is 350 creatures, 192 blocks that can change shape if hit by a hammer, Better NPCs, 15 bosses, Bows, Guns, Swords, Hammers, Axes, War axes, Anvils, Dyes, Pets, Crafting tables, Furnaces, And much more.

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scorpionst says2017-01-10T20:49:49.720
Omfg ok so ur a hypacrit beacaues you even stated that you dont play it much at all so your just a little kid thats not skilled
scorpionst says2017-01-10T20:51:11.950
At the game
scorpionst says2017-01-10T20:51:23.570
At the game hypacrit
scorpionst says2017-01-10T20:53:21.880
So what minecraft is1st peson terraria has the same amount of pixels that each block as minecraft plus you can mod but its not the base of the game
scorpionst says2017-01-10T20:56:05.197
In minecraft you canonly do like 8 damage in terraria you can do 30 damage see steve beat that but over all there both great but terraria is better

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