• Nintendo; good example.

    Nintendo is a very good example that you don't need good graphics to make a legendary game. Nintendo Switch, Being a hybrid console, Has a far range of gaming selections. Better yet, You can take it with you. Say you want to play Minecraft, Now, In the current situation we are currently in, Handheld mode won't be used as often. However, In the future or at least in the past, Handheld mode was and still is useful. My main point, Try bringing your ps4 to your local mc donalds or something.

  • For on the go or with friends

    Nintendo Switch is good for the on-the-go lifestyle where you won't have a TV to connect to, And you're just looking to play while traveling. The switch is also good for having friends over to play some Smash Ultimate or Mario Kart. As the Switch can support up to 8 people on Smash via the same room. Whereas PS4 can support 4. Before a second PS4 is needed to do system link. The Nintendo switch has it's own screen, It is small but you can play with others on it without needing to connect to a tv/monitor. The PS4 has to be connected to a screen before play. On another hand the types of games offered for both consoles are different and players will have to have enough controllers for everyone going to play. It's a matter of opinion of what games you truly want to play.

  • Nintendo switch rules

    I think Nintendo Switch is better because if u want a well know game like Fortnite Nintendo switch updates faster than ps4 and it's better if u are a try-hard in Fortnite
    If u play Fortnite type your Fortnite under your opinion and I'll friend u
    Nintendo rules rules rules

  • All consoles suck

    PC is the best platform to play games and do anything else as well. PC has the best graphics, The best controls, The best online community, Unlimited backward compatibility, Mod support, And that's only in gaming. Every PC is also unique, So it feels like you actually own it, Instead of some huge corporation. You can also do so much more than just gaming on it. PC is like America, It has more freedom than any other platform. God bless the PC.

  • PS4, XBOX, PC, Will always be better then Nintendo Reasons why-

    First off all of these consoles, Systems, And such are much, Much, Much, More powerful then any Nintendo. Want a new game? It'll be released on PC first then the consoles. Nintendo also has terrible graphics when compared to the other systems.

    But here is one thing to say every console is in general pretty damn good, But the Nintendo is special since you can bring it along, But the tradeoff is less performance, The thing is as loud as a jet engine, And more. But if you want more performance, Future proofing, Things like that a PS4 will always be better.

  • Play Sta Tion

    Ok, Listen up KIDS!

    That's right, Nintendo is a kids' game company first,
    with a catalog of mostly kid friendly games, Which makes the Nintendo Switch a child's AND man child's dream.

    PS4, On the other hand, Is a more BADASS console, Offering HARDCORE AAA GAMING with games like Call of Duty Warzone, Uncharted, Bloodborne, Ghost of Tsushima, Detroit: Become Human, And so much more. All of these with impressive graphics and great framerate (4K|60 FPS! )

    They even got Fall Guys, Which is an extra surprise because it's NOT ON NINTENDO SWITCH! A kid-friendly game that you would expect to be on Nintendo Switch. ISN'T!

    Also because Coronavirus you can't take your Nintendo Switches to the outside world (without having limitations and risks of course) Bummer.

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