• Norton AntiVirus is better than McAfee.

    Norton AntiVirus is better than McAfee. While both of these programs are pretty close in terms of performance, it seems that Norton anti-virus is the better program. Norton has been around longer than McaFee, and thus has a slight edge in the anti-virus program category. Norton is reportedly easier to use than Mcafee, and Norton is the most universal anti-virus program.

  • I think norton

    I think that the Norton anti virus package is a whole lot better, but it is also a lot more to buy. I think that Norton will protect every possible thing that could ever happen to your computer, and that it is a super good thing to have with you.

  • Yes, I believe Norton Antivirus is better.

    I believe Norton Antivirus is more widespread and is able to detect many more threats then McAfee, I believe Norton Antivirus is the better choice between the two programs and has a stronger development team behind it. I have used both and have stuck with Norton Antivirus in the end because I feel it's the better product.

  • Norton has better updates

    McAfee unfortunately is no longer the innovative company it once was under the leadership of its namesake. In the years since Norton has developed better investigatory tools to increase speed and reduce false positives. This sort of constant mathematical refinement is the backbone of the computer security arms race, and since McAfee has decided not to participate it is being left in the dust.

  • Norton is the Original.

    Norton AntiVirus is better than McAfee because Norton protects the computer from a wider range of viruses, and it automatically updates more often. There is also the tiny aside that the founder of McAfee is into some shady things, and he has had law enforcement after him since then. But Norton is a better product too.

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