Which is better patriarchy (yes) or matriarchy (no)? (I am pro-patriarchy, but I want to hear from both on why)

Asked by: Adam2
  • In the long run.

    While I support gender equality in its most extreme interpretation and implementations, I would agree that in the long run, patriarchy is better. Women, who are the vessels of life are capable of basically being incapacitated during gestation. This is why in nature, we observe female animals choosing the strongest mates to defend themselves. Men have and always will toil endlessly to provide for females by providing food and shelter. While women are perfectly capable of doing this, the physical demands of life without modern conveniences would prove to be too much for females in a stationary society. The differences would be much more balanced in a nomadic and/or semi nomadic society.

  • Patriarchy works in the long term.

    The genders are not equal. Biology says so. One is not better than the other, But they can be better in certain situations. Women are more caring, Men are more aggressive. Men are stronger, Women have higher IQ's on average. Women often choose from feelings, Men from cold hard facts. Facts beat feelings when hard choices are to be made, As will aggression. You cannot rule with a soft fist and gentle heart, That will mean you get invaded by a strong fist and cold heart.

  • Yes, patriarchy is the historically norm for biological differences and physical capacities that can be observed by a human with even the slightest of intellect.

    Most men, and the most productive of men will have the innate desire to teach and raise their offspring, and especially their sons. This has been the case and will ALWAYS be the case. A true "all out" matriarchy has never been known to exist, and nor would it be capable of existing from a purely biological perspective. (if we are being honest - but that definition seems to be open for interpretation these days) I could go on here but I'm busy making money and paying child support for kids I'll never raise and lawsuits trying to litigate my rights as a father to my children.

  • In all Point of Views( at least, almost, don't know exactly)

    From Christian Faiths to Psychological parameters, it is quite natural and good when men lead... I do accept that doesn't mean that men can molest or harass women (common sense). Education if girl child and female infanticide are morally wrong... But it doesn't require a change of the system of family values or this filthy 3rd wave feminism ( check for topics about feminism in this website)... And the pressure on "girl", " female" makes male infanticide not serious at all... We are fed up of these silly requests and all our advertisements saturated with this... This topic is a very serious one...

  • Yes yes yes!

    Its common sense. It proceeds naturally from a christian culture and belief system (of which I am convinced is the truth). It fits with the nature of things. It fits with the order that God has placed in His creation. As if that isn't enough and like everything else which is part of God's plan, it just works the best for the good of all (families, individuals, society...). If it doesn't fit in someone's worldview then I would question their worldview and its underpinnings. If it does fit and they can cite examples of problems with it, that doesn't mean that patriarchy is wrong, in the same way that just because cars pose problems for people in some ways (e.G. Accidents, costs....) doesn't mean that cars per se are fundamentally wrong.

  • MATRIARCHY > patriarchy

    This is not about male or female sexuality or expression.

    Matriarchal society simply means that a society is oriented on nurturing, as opposed to dominating. Love.

    Paternal society is defined as a dominator culture. Fear.

    Paternal society brought us many good things. The internet for example was a military project, and it could even be used as an example of our ability as a species thus far.

    However a matriarchal society would spend more resources on innovation outside of our military industrial complex and would usher in a new age of exploration without corruption nor violence.

    In the relatively distant past, matriarchal societies accomplished great things that modern people still do not fully comprehend.

    To truly unlock our potential on a universal scale we would be better served with a matriarchal model.

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