• PC's are the best choice for many reasons.

    The first reason is productivity. On a PC you can get as many screens as you need, all at once. And with programs like office it is optimal for getting work done. Yes, you can download office on a mac, but, like everything else that has to do with mac, they are extremely overpriced in the app store.

    The second reason is gaming. As a gamer, I can personally say that games like Minecraft, League of Legends, or TF2 run much better on PC. Also, some popular games are not even available on a mac. Why? Because the developers realize that their games will run best on a PC. Macs simply fall behind in Frames Per Second and Download Speed.

    There are many people that think that there are 0 viruses on Macs. This is not true. There are viruses, just not as many. Also, you can get a security system like McAfee for pc for $40 instead of spending hundreds more on a mac. This is no reason to spend more money for a mac, which has inferior components.

    Speaking of components, you could build a computer with better parts than a Mac for way less than the price of a Mac. If you're not into making your own, you could also buy an i5 pc laptop for half the price of a Macbook Air, which is only an i3.

    While I'm on the topic of customization, macs are not able to be changed. If something breaks, you must buy a new computer. Why? Because macs are glued together, so that you have to give them more money.

    In conclusion, macs are overpriced, inferior junk. Don't buy them.

  • Macs are horrible in more than one way.

    One issue with Macs is that they are horribly overpriced. I could build a computer with better specs than a Mac for way less than the price of a Mac. They also overcharge Microsoft programs in their store. Wow.

    Some people say that Macs are "quality made." No. They use Intel CPUs and pretty much the same parts that you could get online. They have a disc reader/burner for $100 which I'm guessing is Mac only. I could get a really nice one for $40 which would probably be better than the $100 one.

    Macs are glued together. Even the desktops. That means that you cannot replace parts or even fix them when they break. That is Apple's way of getting their customers to give them more money.

    If you are at all into gaming, you can get much better parts in a PC. Many games are released for PC and Mac, but plenty of games, especially indie ones, are PC only. No Macs allowed.

    What about productivity? On a PC you can get as many screens as you want. People say that Macs beat PCs for this, but honestly what is different? The "aluminum?" Honestly?

    For the OS it is really your preference. I personally find the OS for Mac just hard to use and confusing. I like windows because it gives you options to have options, or you can just use it easily if you do not know very much about tech.

    Viruses. There are many people that think that there are 0 viruses on Macs. Not nearly. There are viruses, just not very many.

    Macs are also very bad for the environment. They carve the laptop cases out of blocks of solid aluminum and throw away the leftovers.

    And there you have it. All of the reasons why I think that Macs are horrible and that you should never buy one.

  • More Games, Customizable

    Sure, the Mac might have some programs that are useful for a creative job, but PCs also have a variety of programs that fit the same needs. The amount of games on a PC is 5x the amount on a Mac. Not to mention, you also can customize not only the exterior of your PC, but also the hardware.

  • PC, cheaper, faster and more content..

    I have used both a PC desktop costing me grand (including monitor) $1200 dollars and an iMac totaling $1600. Both were released within the same year. Although my iMac boot up slightly faster, my PC dominated anything else in terms of speed. Starting apps, running games and rendering movies. In general, for the price, PC are much faster. Also, it ps hard to find games these days that run on macs. So many developers have dropped mac or never supported it.

    Some mac owners might argue that "PC always get viruses!" This is true, more viruses are written for PC than Mac. But it's SO easy to protect yourself from one, it's definitely not a reason to buy a mac. I have Avast! Free antivirus and have not gotten ONE virus from countless years of web searching and downloading. Yeah, if your worried about getting one or genraly are bad with computers, go buy Norton antivirus for $30. But if you have then brains to press the power button, you learn not to click on those "YOU WON $1000! CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE FORM!"

  • Mac is just too expensive for what it is.

    I actually like Macs slightly more than PC's for many things. However, the product comes nowhere near justifying the price. My PC has 8 GB of RAM, an intel core i7 processor, and an 800 GB hard drive for $600. PC's are a much better value. I don't really need to write any more than that, the numbers speak for themselves.

  • PC is far better BECAUSE.............

    However if you want a machine for multitasking, Video and audio editing, 3D editing, Graphics gaming and most of all “get what you pay for” then you need to read this before you spend your hard sweat earned money .
    It is a lot more expensive than PC.
    Software and hardware change every six months. The life span of a computer is 2 years and shortening. After 3 years it is completely obsolete and barely runs properly. You’ll have to budget few grands for a computer every two years.
    You can’t replace parts off the shelves. Except the ram everything is locked and needs the assistance of MAC “geniuses” which cost an awful lot of money.
    • You can’t build a Mac easily, and you can’t really customize them, either — not unless you want to invalidate your warranty.
    • A lot of utilities plugins are not existent on mac. This has changed a lot online casino the last two years towards the mac side and lot of the mainstream applications are cross platform. Regardless, developers are still writing for the windows side more often.
    Mac’s are not good for gaming. Few titles are supported by mac but it is still relatively limited compared to PC. Nowadays, you can install up to 4 graphics cards in one machine FOUR! “Google 4 way SLI”. Running windows on a server environment is ten times easier. Windows provide a full kit to run multiple machines on a server. Mac’s are way harder to set up.

  • Pc is far better

    Everyone thinks that you can't get a virus on mac, well you can. Mac is far too over priced and people still pay $$$ for a silly little apple logo. PC is far more user friendly and has a much wider application variants. PC has also branched out into touch screen, something that apple will take millions of years to release and than everyone will be like WOAH TOUCHSCREEN DESKTOP even though it has been out for ages.

  • PC has more capabilities with programs and games.

    Developers spend most of there time and money on PC support. Because of the shortage in Mac users, the developers of said programs do not look into these options. That causes more people to move to PC, and the cycle continues between customers and developers, only broken by new Mac computers on the market.

  • PC is awesome!!

    I like PC more than I do Mac, because you can build your own Windows PC, and I have an Acer Aspire One D270-1824 netbook PC to prove it, and PC has the best operating systems, I like Windows XP and Windows 7 pretty good, Windows XP has the best features, and the best text-to-speech voices, for example, the TTS voices in Windows XP are: Microsoft Sam, Microsoft Mike, and Microsoft Mary, and the only one in Windows 7 is: Microsoft Anna - English. Windows 8 is good too, but unfortunately, I do not use it, it has 3 new TTS voices, they in Windows 8/8.1 are: Microsoft David Desktop, Microsoft Hazel Desktop, and Microsoft Zira Desktop, the ones in Windows 8, however, don't glitch.

  • Macs are awesome!!!!

    Macs are way better because of their OSX. It's completely free to download. Macs are easier to use and are simpler. Apple owns macs and they make iPods and iPhones which are the best technology you can get. PC's are black and look real dull and are bricks. MACS ARE AWESOME!!!!!

  • Mac Vs. PC

    Mac is superior because from a productivity standpoint, as well as gaming and anti-virus protection. When at an Apple store talking to an associate, I found out that Macs are better because of many reasons. I'm a PC guy, and I'll always love them, but when I found out that you could run windows on a Mac, I realized that Mac is superior. Especially with the new OSX operating system, it makes the overall system better, and the best part is the updates are free! There are plenty of other arguments against PC but, this is my main argument, so decide what you think.

  • PC To Mac

    I am a long time PC and Windows user (still am), I have built many, many PCs for Gaming and photography work.

    After I have had many PCs blow up- each costing in the 3thousand region I decided to swap to Mac (not fully but just see what they were about) My Dad and I bought an iMac instead of buying or building another PC.

    It was the best decision we have made Technology wise- the iMac was more expensive but not by much- not when you factor in the value of the included iLife apps, iMovie, iPhoto and at the time iWeb.

    Those 3 apps were and still are fantastic for creating all sorts of fantastic things.

    After we were so happy with the iMac, we decided to get a Mac Book Pro, and not that far off a 2009 Mac Pro.

    I can honestly tell you right now, we have gone through another 3 PCs worth about 3thousand each- more on some, because they cannot cope with the amount of work and games that we have put them through- But here's the thing, the Mac Pro and indeed the other Macs are still going- but the Mac pro has had at least double the work load of the PCs-

    (PC is Awesome Guy) says PCs have the best Operating Systems...And then says Windows...I'm sorry but you really need to use Mac OSX, learn about all it's incredible features then you will really know that Mac OSX is the best. BUT Even if you do like Windows better you can still use it if you want. Which allows you to run games, on bootcamp, then swap over to Mac OSX when you want to do work.

    In regards to TTS voices...Mac does have a nice new one, and works very well.

    IN regards to Viruses on Macs, there are NO known Mac Viruses, there has only been security leaks which mainly links people to Spamware or Malware websites, which all has been fixed in record time, and there is no need to buy a Yearly sub to a FireWall/AntiVirus but you can if you want (ESET Smart Security gives you both Mac and Windows) so you have peace of mind you Mac won't pass on Windows viruses (which do nothing to Macs).

    Also Touch screen on a Desktop is just plain stupid to be honest, PC being more User Friendly is complete garbage- please use a Mac before you say that.

    It's that old saying you get what you pay for. All of Apple's hardware is developed to work with the Software- Includes iPads, iPhones and Macs.
    You cannot say that for Windows. Everything works well together on Mac if you get a Mac Pro (even the new one) you can upgrade components as well.

    I love games, I have a PS3, PS4, Xbox 1 and 360. I play Blizzard games on Mac side and other games on Windows side ON MY MAC.

  • Mac dominates productivity

    I am a film producer and my mac is my main tool that i use everyday. I used pc before i had my mac and let me tell you, as soon as i got my mac i was ready to throw out my pc. Mac is much cleaner and simpler and for productivity i wouldn't look anywhere else. If your talking about the computer it self, yeah, you cant build your own mac and upgrade the specs to how you want but to be honest you wouldn't want to because apple make a machine that is ready the be put to work. Another up side of mac is that you are linked to all your apple devices (if you have any) and this makes it so easy to synk your itunes library and photos from your devices. To conclude i believe that if you are looking for a computer for anything productive and for a bit of light gaming here and there i would go with the mac.

  • Past experience tells me Mac is superior.

    I have used very demanding programs and games on both PC and on Mac, and to be brutally honest, the Mac is off the charts compared to the PC. With the same internet speed, I get downloads 3X faster on my Mac mini than I do on any other Windows system. (with the possible exception of some custom made $2000 computers.) With sandbox games, shooters, and RPG's alike, I experience minimal lag with high connection speeds. And those who argue that many games aren't compatible with Mac clearly have no real experience with Apple. With any Mac computer, you can get a program called Parallels, which allows you to run a Windows OS on your Mac computer, thus allowing you to run Windows only software. People say "Why spend $600 on a Mac mini, when I can get this seemingly identical Dell for only $300?" Not only is the Mac OS superior, but the hardware itself is more rugged. A typical Dell computer rapidly diminishes quality as it ages, and is ultimately useless after 3-4 years. A typical Mac lasts as long as 7-8 years if well kept. While PC guys can brag about having 3 terabytes of storage, I can brag about being downright happy with my computer.

  • Cheaper considering the years they last

    The number of dollars per year is cheaper for a mac is than a PC. Not only is this a paragraph about the cost but how long macs usually last. A mac lasts 5 times longer than a PC. The unit rate of a mac's year to dollar ratio is 1:44.95$ But for a PC it's 1:175$

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