• Roblox is Better!

    Roblox is better because more than 179 million accounts on Roblox as we speak! Also, You can't just build and mine and stuff like on Roblox, You can play obbies and tycoons and role-play and stuff like that. Also, You can make your own obbies, Tycoons, Etc.
    (Plzs pick Roblox! 😁😁😁)

  • ThunderCock Chad says:

    Minecraft is better because it has a physical disk. Having a game on a disk means that I can lift it to get gains and when I get gains from lifting the minecraft disk, Your mom wants to bang me. It's a very simple equation and it is exactly why Minecraft is better than Roblox.

  • Roblox is worse

    Roblox is a pay to become a pro game, And also minecraft allows you to create stuff without coding so kids can make things. Also, Roblox is more inappropriate. Roblox is harder also because you can more easily get hacked, And there are many phishing websites. I play both games, But I think that minecraft is better than roblox.

  • Minecraft duh bruh like bruh

    Hello my name is Technoblade i am a minecraft youtuber with more than 500k subs and i am very famous. I have played minecraft since beta release and i love it. I fell in love iwth minecraft since my cousin showed me and now look at me playing on Hypixel. BTW my alt is HongHongHe ;).

  • Mincraft is cool

    Bub ub u bu bu b bu bu u b bu b ub ub u bu bu bu b bu bu b ub ub uu bu u bu ub ub bu b bu bu bu bu uu bu bu bu bu bu u bu ub b uu b bu ub u

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Thundercockchad says2019-05-22T15:50:08.567
I bang chicks sloppy sloppy style

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