Which is better: rock music (yes) or pop music (no)?

Asked by: Peter12345
  • Rock Is Just Simply Better

    Rock is better for so many reasons. Should I list them all for you? I think so.
    -More emotion.
    -Work together as a band. They have a band name for the entire band. Not names like Kesha, Beyonce, or Rihanna where they are for one person.
    -Are a band not solo like pop. Examples of that are Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown and so many more.
    -Rock you depend on your voice and instruments. Not the computer.
    People who listen to rock have higher intelligence level. Scientifically proven. Hell look at some of the rock artists like Marilyn Manson who is a freaking genius.
    -Girls are being brainwashed by pop. Who wants their little girl listening to songs like “Hands to Myself” by Selena Gomez? Yep let your little girl learn all she needs to know about drugs, sex, money, and well more sex.
    -More subgenres, more choices.
    -Rock writes their own songs and doesn’t have someone come up with the idea for them and then write it out for them.
    -Some pop is simple-minded, no meaning (Hotline Bling)
    -Pop is commercial.
    -Everyone wants to see rock performances more (ACDC selling out more than Taylor Swift).
    -Better manners than some of the Pop singers.
    -Other genre artists remake rock songs and it goes badly.
    And they go out with a bang (Ozzy Osbourne with the bat :-))

  • Pop is Irritating

    Rock actually takes talent to make, in pop you can just use a computer to make your singing sound good and you use drum tracks and other instrument tracks like synthesizer, or guitar, or you could play a normal song, then smash your laptop, then it's dubstep (don't even get me started on how awful synthesizer is). Therefore, pop music doesn't take any talent whatsoever, and rock is much better.

  • Rock music has more feeling

    I think most pop music has no feeling at all. Its all mostly annoying auto
    tuned voices. Most of them have great voices but covers it up with auto tune (ex. Kesha) On the other hand most rock artists give it all they got and actually work together with other musicians that play instruments, and then they collide their pieces to make something awsome. They are a lot more dedicated and they actually write their own lyrics instead of having someone else write it for them and then use it. By the way in my opinion rock is better and i prefer to listen to rock than pop. There are great alternative/ rock/ metal artists such as Metallica, Paramore, Guns N' Roses, U2, Green Day, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Halestrom, Seether, Blink 182, Flyleaf, Slash, Radiohead, Foo Fighters, Queen, Three Days Grace, etc.

  • There is a meaning behind the screaming

    Rock music has a meaning. That meaning is a very strong meaning. For example savior by black veil brides is saying that some one will always be there for you. Another example would be famous last words by my chemical romance that song is saying that you shouldn't be afraid to keep on living. Pop music has pretty much no meaning. Some pop songs do have a meaning but it's just not as strong as rock. For example love yourself by Justin Beiber is basically telling someone to go fuck themselves.

  • The songs have MEANING

    Most rock stars actually put in a meaning for their songs, while as pop music is just 95% breakups 3% fame/fortune 2% drugs. For example, the band Five finger death punch wrote a song about veterans. Yes, veterans. If you don't believe me, go and look up "five finger death punch wrong side of heaven" and watch the music video. And heres a fun fact: the same band also stopped SEVERAL concerts to knock some sense into some idiot who was being WAY too violent in the mosh pit. Also, pop music is JUST THE SAME TONE AND LYRIC REPEATED OVER AND OVER AGAIN. Now, before you say anything, I know that every song is supposed to have a chorus and blah blah blah, but a lyric should ONLY be repeated 6-7-8 times a song. NOT FREAKING 15-16-17 TIMES! I also know that some rock songs are guilty of this, too, but it happens 99.99% more in pop songs. Also, MOST PEOPLE (especially kids) DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT "rock" MUSIC EVEN SOUNDS LIKE! I guarantee you, if you ask a group of normal kids what a rock song sounds like, most of them will make a noise like this- BWRARAWRHAEAHH!!! But THAT. IS. NOT. ROCK. Rock gets heavier depending on THE CATEGORY ITS IN. Categories like hard rock will have heavier songs, while soft rock will have lighter songs. VERY little, if not NONE of the categories sound like "BWRAHRWARAWAHH!!!" and also, ROCK IS NOT SATANIC OR DEMONIC. Sure, there are VERY FEW songs with darker lyrics, but just because someone is listening to rock music, dosent mean that theyre evil, satanic, death-obsessed satan worshipers (more people believe that rock music is satanic than you think. Im DEAD SERIOUS) welp, I COULD go on writing more reasons why rock is better than pop, but this comment is already WAY too long, so, (to fellow rock fans)- have an amazing night/day. (to pop fans who think rock music should die)- goodbye. (to people who like both types but prefer pop slightly more over rock)- have a nice day.

  • Rock is way better.

    Lets just be honest: rock is something you have to live. Most of other music today is garbage 'cause its all about money and fame. Rock bands (for example- Black Veil Brides, Nirvana) just wrote songs because it was their way of dealing with emotions. And to most of people who listen to that music, those songs mean everything and they live through them. It's like we breathe them. It either gets us out of our lives or reminds us of them.

  • Rock is better than pop in my opinion

    I think that rock is better than pop because I love listening to the instrumental work, rather than the computerized sounds. Sure some pop songs have good vocals, but I could say the same about rock. Sure some pop songs have instruments, but listening to 3 or 4 chords on the piano is not fun to listen to. I also believe that that you don't need that much talent to be a pop artist. You might say, "well look at Justin Bieber." "He can play piano, guitar, drums, and he can sing." In all the songs I hear on the radio, I'm not very impressed. I've even seen him do a drum solo, and I wasn't super impressed. You can't even compare him to Lars Ulrich.

  • I like rock music a lot.

    My sisters like pop and I hate it and I like rock so that is the argument so ya, that's why I l vote for yes. Specially in the car, I have to listen to pop music but then I change the radio station so I get. That is why.

  • I love rock.

    Growing up I never knew what type of person I was. It always felt wrong. My sister's love pop. It was my older sister who introduced me to rock. She should me Evanescence, and then I went on from there. Listening to Papa Roach, BVB, PTV, SWS, etc. I am clearly still knew at the whole thing but I do love it. Rock I noted has real meaning in the music. Talking about real things. King Park by La Dispute is one of my personal favorite talking about a drive by and how a kid was shot in the process. Instead of 'boobs' and 'butts' and 'sex' in songs nowadays. Or Taylor Swifts break up songs.

  • Rock makes more sense than pop

    Rock talks about what's going on in the world (System of a Down) or religion (Tool) and it's better than pop music today that talks about being so famous and how much money you make or just stupid dance moves. I am the only one in my class from my generation that finds me weird for listening to rock (age: 13)

  • Why not both?

    There are some singers I like who do pop and rock combined. I like One Direction, and they do pop and pop rock. Also, there are instruments I like that do pop and rock. Even though rock is loud, pop can soften the noise, and BOOM! You got pop eock. There is such thing as pop and rock combined. Even the most popular music right now do pop rock. So don't choose one or the other, pick both together. Hope you liked reading my response.

  • Pop by far

    Rock is not very kid friendly. Do you really want your little kid listening to "Wolf Bite" by In This Moment? It says the f word a couple of times which isn't appropriate. Pop is more kid friendly and appropriate and radio friendly. Yes, some pop artists like Bieber shouldn't be listened to (don't even get me started on him), but Selena Gomez and Alyson Stoner are good artists. Pop is something you can dance to, and it is actually deep and passionate, and not about drugs, bad parties, sex, prostitution, or money. Rock is about all of those things I mentioned.

  • Pop is cool

    Pop is just better tbh
    rock is all weird and sure, maybe its harder to make and requires more effort, but that doesn't make up for just how naturally better it is. It can conform to an mood, and rock is just... Ugh. There's no variety to it. It's all just the same.

  • Pop is more appealing

    Rock bands do not sound appealing at all. They SCREAM and MOAN in half their songs. Do you really want a little kid listening to the? Pop is more radio friendly and appropriate for kids. Half the rock songs are rated E for Explicit. Besides pop artists like Alyson Stoner DO know how to read music.

  • Pop is way better than rock

    Rock may sound cool, but all it is really is screaming and bursting people's eardrums. Pop is really catchy, it gets people dancing. I mean, Rock has absolutely no melody at all. Rock actually is one of the top causes of deafness. Listen to some of the top charts songs, they are all extremely catchy songs that are pop. This generation is more interested in pop, so peace out rock, see you never...

  • Pop is more entertaining

    Somehow I feel that rock music lacks melody and soothing music. Some songs feel dull. Most of the songs just break our ears, some are plain screaming, not that its totally bad, but does not cater to the taste of the larger public.
    Pop songs, whatever the theme may be, are not only melodious to hear but most songs (Like One Direction, Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande) are very entertaining. People are more likely to start dancing to good pop songs. The electronic instruments further enhance the fun

  • Rock sucks cus it has too many sounds

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  • Well look at the artists like Sia

    Sia writes her own songs and they mean something. Take her song unstoppable and listen to it over and over then compare her to her song see not all artists use auto tune and have others write their pointless songs. People like JB have crappy pointless music with no meaning

  • Pop music is made for people

    Everyone like to say that pop music is the worst genre because of simplicity and lack of originality. But complicated lyrics doesn't really makes a good song, you won't spend hours trying to figure out meaning of every line and you can just enjoy it. And can people judge all pop music? Because it's a lot of songs, can you prove that none of them are good or creative? A lot of pop music fans are underage and while some would say that it shows immaturity of this genre, I love to meet young fans of pop artist, who know every word of their favourite song and for younger people music is not only music, but also they love the artists and feel close to them, learn from them, get inspired by them. And it's sad when people dismiss their love because it's "pop music", especially young girls, because, apparantly anything that they love is automatically means "stupid and childish". And a lot ot people who hate pop music hate it mostly because they want to seem cool and turn everything into some kind of elitist nonsense. How sad is that, the way you get so mad, like pop music personally offended you, and how you feel the need to belittle others for liking it. Do people really feel somehow superior to others because of genre of music they like? How insecure you must be? Love music that makes you feel good and never be ashamed of your taste. There is nothing more cool than sincerely love something and if it's popular it just means that you will meet a lot of people like you, who love the same music

  • Rock And Roll Rules Pop and Country suck

    In rock, songs actually mean something, rockstars actually work their way up and practice and actually work, plus you can find a rock song for anything. In pop, all the songs are usually just about drugs, alcohol, partying, and looks, pop stars don't even write their own songs, plus they don't even play their songs the have to use machines.

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