Which is better: Science (yes) or religion (no)?

Asked by: MistyBlue
  • Science any day of the week.

    Science is based on objective, verifiable, repeatable evidence. Religion has none, and is based on mythology and superstition.

    Science is falsifiable, and grows as we learn new information and with new technology. Religion is stagnated, unable to accommodate new information and remaining stubbornly in denial when new facts contradict it.

    Science has given us our entire way of life. Our technology. Our medicine and increased life spans. Our overall health. Our safety. Religion has given our society intolerance, violence, war, and fear.

  • Science and religion are not mutually exclusive.

    I'm saying "yes" only because the scientific method has been more effective than other forms of inquiry. But in general, both religion and science have made society better off. Religion is responsible for great works of art and numerous charitable organizations. Science has raised our standard of living. To pick one over the other is a false dichotomy.

  • Science is fact, Religion is supposition

    Not discounting the importance of religion--without which our spiritual life would be neglected and our moral compass underdeveloped--I think science provides, not simply more accuracy and reliability, but also more concrete understanding. Religion often meanders into the world of the vague and hard to comprehend, whereas with science, our discoveries are testable fact, not untestable concepts. Fact always trumps supposition.

    Posted by: bsh1
  • Science is better in my opinon

    Science is very neat to look at. If you think about it, some people believe in religion and the main thing is God isn't proven real. While Science is proven real. I'd say 99% of science we know, is all real. While God is about 50% of religion or a god, and God is not proven real. Most likely God will never be proven real. Science you can actually test, also it's more interesting than learning about someone who MIGHT exist. Religion is here to make people feel wanted, me being a non-religious person who has tried being a part of religions, can't do it. I feel religion is forced on you and makes you feel like you have to do something, while science you can just go and experiment and such as you please on your own. Everyone has their opinions and this is mine, but Science is based on fact while God is based on a book, which for all we know could have been just some person just making things up and throwing it all into a book to get remembered, and also God is based on myth. Most science is like a theory like many of the philosophers we have studied but Science can be tested, God cannot. Therefore, in my opinion Science is better.

  • Science leads forward

    I believe that science is more useful than religion because science has always been the way forward while religion causes conflicts between people. Science is also part of mankind's everyday life and without it we wouldn't have many of the conveniences that we use day to day such as cars, modern medicines, computers, etc.

  • Where would we be without science?

    I believe the answer is not very far. Without religion? That's a bit harder to tell - as many were indoctrinated and took it all on faith, because, at the time, faith was all that they had when it came to life's larger mysteries.
    I would say without religion, we might have a less art pieces, no Vatican City, no "God bless America" and less days off. All minor things that seem major because everyone can see them and gaze at them. But science? Science is a major thing that seems minor because less people are interested in it and it is frequently seen only by people who study it.

  • Yes and No

    I believe that neither one of them is better because I am not very religious but I support the people that are and I also believe that science could be wrong at times because if people keep on making the same mistake then the answer that have would be wrong. In religion people are just believing that god wrote the bible and everything in the bible must be right cause he wrote. They didn't know if that stuff was right or not because nobody ever tried to counter the knowledge of god because it was considered a sin. So in the end I fell like they both have advantages and disadvantages.

  • I lean towards science more

    I do not think science or religion is any better than the other. I do agree more with science in this debate because of everything that is proven in the past with space exploration and all the knowledge we have that the church was wrong about. The world would still think the Earth is the center of the universe if Copernicus and Galileo never questioned it. Although, I do not want to say religion is completely wrong, I personally like to have some religious stand point. I still think we should not question some of the things in this world. So you could say I do not take either side.

  • Science vs. Religion

    I think that science is better mainly for the fact of being able to prove or disprove anything that anyone comes up with. With religion you can not prove that god even there. He is just a person that religious people believe in, but there is no solid proof that he is or is not there.

  • I agree with Science

    With Science I think it is a fact that we have better understanding of Humans and life. It allows us to learn more in our life-span than before as it builds on top of each other. Like other Religions people can believe in their own theories. I find it easy to understand that it almost shuts out Religion but those who are supporters can neglect Science but eventually will be disappointed to see that Science has taken a better tole.

  • Science Always Bows Down to Religion atlast!

    What ever my religion states come at the end to be proven Right where Science Bows down its head! Which shows that Science is always changing Even Facts change in science and no wounder what comes next in science Some right today may become wrong tomorrow But Religon means Strong Bold FACT!!

  • The question presupposes there can only be one or the either

    What makes one better? What's the criteria? Why can't both work together? Christianity has remained the same for nearly 2,000 years. No changes in doctrines. Science has changed massively just over the past 50 years. What's true in science today, may be false tomorrow in light of some new data. Nothing in science has eliminated religious belief.

  • There is no option for both

    Science can coincide with religion if you allow it. One is just a set of beliefs while the other is a simple set of beliefs, based on our findings. While I agree Science has more proof of things that Religion cannot show us, like genetic sciences and medical help, on a metaphysical level, Science is just as confused and probable as religion is. So therefore, it doesn't matter which one you think is better. Neither is better than the other.

    Posted by: O.Z
  • Jesus is my Lord and savior

    Religion is much more satisfying that science. REligion can save a man from his sins and make him a better person. Religion can also make man more caring and compassionate to others. The same cannot be said for science. Science may be able to cure disease (religion can too) but religion can save the soul.

  • Religion, it inspires people to do marvelous things.

    As human beings, it is hard for us to not be religious. We will believe in things whether we can prove it or not. The only thing I know of that follows logic or science first, is computers. Computers perform logical computations, while as for we humans, we follow our feelings or current state of being because our moods fluctuates.

    In fact, we humans will tend to take on tasks religiously, not scientifically or logically. We love our partner as though they are the most amazing thing alive, even though they are scientifically and logically not even close to that perfection. We enjoy the company of some humans and hate other humans, even though they are all scientifically human.

    Even the scientist who is dead to his word that science is the truth of the world, well, we all see how religiously dedicated he is to his science. He seriously believes science is that grandiose. What does a scientist do when his theory has been proven wrong by another scientist? He denies it, and will forever try until his grave, to redeem himself that his beloved theory had been correct all along.

    So, religion is one of those things that makes a person feel alive, even if it'll take him to the grave. So, for those that don't like the dramatically lively nature of religion, please don't crash on a divide by zero.

  • Not mutually exclusive, both

    It is not a choice. I am a Christian who likes science. But in general, both religion and science have made society better off. Religion is responsible for great works of art and numerous charitable organizations. Science has raised our standard of living. To pick one over the other is a false dichotomy.

  • We NEED both

    Im going to reword this to faith(religion) and science(reason). To have faith you must have reason vice versa. I think religion is more important but i still think science is extremely important.

    Let me set up a scenario. You are stranded on an island. You would need science(or reason) to survive by building fires and getting food and water. But religion gives you something to live for. Christians for example would live for God. If they arent religious why wouldnt they just kill themselves. What the point of living on that island(or even life imprisonment etc)

    in my opinion religion give you a reason for living and science can make your life better

  • Both, Yes and No

    I'm choosing the No side simply to balance out the percentages. What I think is religion and science cannot exist without each other. In science, the strong part is we back everything we find with empirical evidences; In religion, the pro is we focus on purpose and meaning of life so that we have a belief on what to do now. Without science, religion will lack a background of supporting evidences, and we will never know what is the real belief to follow, as everyone can just make up a religion and say it is true, in other words information will get wrong and distorted easily. Without religion, we lack the belief and purpose to live, which is going to make us a headless monkey. We'll simply continue to discover and invent things without a direction. Well actually science is a religion, and religion can be science as well. We should one day combine both and extract the best of them.

  • A world without God is impossible to comprehend

    We have an eternal soul that lives forever, can you imagine where you will spend eternity when you die, science can not explain your soul or life after death, it will never be able to. Jesus came to earth and rose again, that is why the whole world stops on Easter each year, believe in him and you have eternal life, peace and security, John 3:16 "for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him shall not perish but have everlasting life"....

  • Religion vs. Science

    Science is based on fact, although most scientific 'facts' are mere theories. Religion gives people a sense of belonging. It is human nature to look for a higher power for help, support, etc. Whereas science can not offer such things. If one was to look at scientific theories to, for example, prove the Big Bang Theory, then they will find that the Big Bang Theory has been disproved because it goes against the First law of Thermodynamics, which says: "matter can not be created nor destroyed".

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AnonyFeline says2013-08-17T07:25:07.393
At present and in the future, Science is more enlightened and enlightening, but we are in transition throughout the world. Religions served as troves and stewards of the knowledge of science when we were less organized, moral, and civilized. Although science provides great understanding, we could not have arrived where we are without the contributions of religion.
1dustpelt says2013-08-18T17:11:25.057
Nothing is better. Neither is mutually exclusive.