• Scotland is awesome

    Scotland has a very rich cultural history, as does France. However, France seems pretentious and not all that fun. If you like rude people and French food, then go to France by all means. However if you like nice citizens, beautiful castles, and a drink or to, go to Scotland.

  • Scotland is beter

    Scotland is a country with a rich country with great culture and history. These people have lived in the highlands for ages. These people that began as barbarians with pagan beliefs which drew the Romans out, the Picts as they are called were one of the biggest tribes in Scotland. They fought against these people with primitive weapons to theres but the used there experience of the land and there spirit to dive them out only when the picts wanted a enemy the Roman sent the Saxons. The Saxons over powered for some of them train with the Romans and fought with them and they knew the advantages of of shields and armor.The independent territories of Scotland were unified by Alexander the great of Scotland. He decided to strike a balance between Norman innovation and Gaelic tradition. That were separated at the time for the Scottish Nobles accepted him as his king and invited the Gaelic warlords back and they would help him fight ad unify Scotland which was not easy task, he went territory by territory. HIs first challenge came from when the men of Caithness roasted one of Alexander's bishop's alive, he then returned by attacking and successfully took over. Then in Ross there was a revolt against Alexander.HIs warlords but down the revolt and his Gaelic warlords severed the leaders heads and presented them to Alexander as a gift.Then he pressed west to the lands Norway has in Scotland and took them over successfully.He was of the Famous Canmore line which would rules Scotland for many years.But then it came to Alexander the third which did not have a good fate his wife which was Edward the King of England's sister and all three of his children so as you see the Canmore linage was fading,then Alexander died. So one night Alexander the third set out to meet his new wife but it would not go good for him his advisors suggested to him not to go but he went anyway some how he was separated from guides and then fell off his horse he was found the next morning on the shore with a broken neck the last person of the Canmore line was Margret the first or the Maid of Norway.Soon she was Married to Edward king of England's son sure he was related to Scotlands royal family but he dissented from a line line of kings that thought SCotland was inferior as far as Edward was concerned as soon as the ink on the marriage agreement was dry Scotland would be his for medieval women were thought property of there husband. Then in October 1220 the Maid of Norway died the Canmore line was finished Scotland's royal family was no more.This is just some of Scotland's history later when Edward invades France and Scotland the would ally and fight against the english king .

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Adam2 says2014-06-30T04:24:37.520
They're both good. Why choose one or the other.
Scotland has lovely things
but France has it
Edge goes to France, as I am sorta biased to the beauty of the Catholic church