Which is better star wars legacy series or Eu?

Asked by: Lisen2Reason
  • Legacy Series Obviously

    I would much rather support the new canon that is out, but my response is really more of a complaint about the EU. The most adequate way to describe the EU is that it was just prequalish for a lack of better words. I just could not get into the EU. The only times I would have a slight interest in the EU is when they showed the adventures of an important character like Darth Vader. The EU never really had a significant impact on me, because the creators never really could create unique characters that felt relatable. They could never connect to me the way Luke and Anakin could. The Legacy series was able to make up for this. Since, they were novels; creators had more time to develop the characters, and actually make the reader care about them. Either way, Star Wars is more of a cinematic experience for me than it is a comical or novel experience.

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