Which is better: the Bible (yes) or the Quran (no)?

  • What would a Christian think?

    As a Christian, I feel that the Bible is better, of course. But a Muslim is going to think that the Quran is better, and someone of another faith is going to have a hard time choosing between either one. What is this question supposed to be accomplishing, anyway? Why?

  • The Bible is better.

    Well, it isn't a matter of which is better. The main focus is on our beliefs. As an American Christian, I follow the Bible. It seems to make more sense for my religion. If I were muslim, of course I would thing the Quran was better. We have to be strong to our following.

  • Qur'aan being a muslim :)

    As a Muslim I'm obviously going to believe the Qur'an is better, firstly lets go through the fact that there are millions of Muslims all over the world, wherever you go you'll find different colours, races of Muslims and they will all be following the same book. THAT my friend is a major difference between the scriptures. The Bible has been edited, translated countless times over the years as a means for it to fit into society and fit ones needs therefore the Qur'an is better. It is authentic, simple and blessed.

  • The Quran is less edited.

    This is an entirely subjective question, but I lean towards the Quran being truer because it has been historically manipulated far less than the bible has. The Bible has been translated and re-translated so many times that it is impossible to assume that the meanings remain the same. In addition, the text of the bible has been outright edited depending who was king at the time in order to suit their wants.

  • Subjective, but.. Quran.

    Based on the history of the publications, the Quran has stayed truer to its original writing than the Bible (which is actually based on a translation of translations of a translated piece of a redacted and translated set of scrolls..) However, both books are keyed towards their own faith and should not really be compared in a straight up format. They are both better for their own sects.

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