Which is better: the digital television conversion in the U.S. (yes) or old-style analog (no)?

  • Digital television conversion in the U.S. is better than analog.

    It is not surprising that the United States changed to digital television. It has a much higher quality of clarity in the picture, and there are more channels and more programs to watch. It was time for the United States to keep up with the rest fo the world and switch over.

  • The Digital television conversion in the U.S. is better than the old-style analog.

    The Digital television conversion in the U.S. is better than the old-style analog. Digital television provides for crystal clear pictures while analog television which used antennas were notorious for providing distorted pictures. Digital television eliminates the problem of bad reception, which was a plague with the analog antenna system of television.

  • Digital television conversion

    The new digital television conversion is a much better method of watching tv than the old analog style. This new digital era is much clearer, and gets better signal than the old way. Also the new digital tv gets more channels so provides more fun to watch shows than analog.

  • Digital conversion was for the best.

    The digital television conversion in the United States has been for the best. Thanks to the conversion, I now have access to a whole bunch of over the air channels that didn't exist before. Things like Antenna TV or Cozi, that show classic movies and TV show reruns. Much better than analog.

  • Digital TV all the way!

    I think digital television is naturally the better way to go enjoy TV and entertainment as opposed to the old-school analog. Today's digital TV allows people to enjoy much better video quality, as well being able to record shows without needing a vintage VCR, and hold several programs all at once.

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