Which is better to you (yes) dark skin black woman or (no) light skin black woman and why

Asked by: CueQuianna
  • Just being me

    I was told today that I was beautiful for being dark skin, but the man wouldn't date me because of it. Why do so many men that that having dark skin is so ugly and what do you chose to like? Help me out please. It would really help.

    Thank You

  • Picking This To Even Out The Poll

    I think that a beautiful woman is a beautiful woman.

    Most people look good with the color skin they have. I, for example, would look terrible if I were african american, and I'm sure that if other people had their race swapped, they would feel pretty similar. Even if it was tweaked. There are some people who look fantastic with lighter dark skin (Tyra Banks) and some people who look fantastic with dark, dark skin (Lupita Nyong'o).

    You are very pretty, and guys who think that are asses.

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Heterodox says2014-06-23T09:03:45.513
I didn't vote, because I can compare two women and tell you which I find more attractive physically, but it's very hard to compare two generalizations. What I can say is that I tend to see more light skinned women that I am attracted to. I don't know why, but it crosses racial boundaries too. For example, I am attracted to more pale white women than tan white women. To clarify that does not mean I find all pale women more attractive than all dark women.
Melzie77 says2014-06-23T14:09:53.510
You are beautiful, if someone is to bigoted to appreciate you, and what you bring to the mix then they are not worth pausing to think about. Move forward because there is someone out there that will worship you.
The_Immortal_Emris says2014-07-08T16:44:18.390