• As capitalism selects what is profitable for media networks. Turtles are more represented here and thus are more beloved.

    The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are a highly successful in television, Movies, And toy sales. Some of the more popular characters in Finding Nemo are sea turtles. Franklin is an educational show directed towards young children. This all demonstrates that people want to see turtles in the media and in toy production. Using this as a base, One can truly see that turtles are more beloved.

    There are also over three hundred of species of turtles, Though only one for giraffes, Meaning there is more to love with turtles. Some turtles can also live for a hundred years, While giraffes only live to 26 years old, So you can love an individual turtle much longer. Finally, Turtles are one of the more popular pets in the United States (probably elsewhere as well), But how many people do you know that have pet giraffes? Obviously people want a pet turtle, Or else people would have a pet giraffe instead.

  • Turtles RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ,

    Turtles are only the very best animals on the planet so I don't see why not a huge amount of people adore these magnificent creatures. They are just sooooo cute! I don't mind Giraffes but they are no where near as cute as turtles. Thanks for reading my opinion if you did.

  • Turtles suck!! Go Giraffes!!

    Giraffes are tall and fast. Turtles are slow and small. Yeah, you can think they are cute but you will find out how cute they really are when you try to pet them! They will hiss at you and bite you!

    Giraffes on the other hand are smart animals and are very friendly! By the way, did you know that Einstein's favorate animals were giraffes? Einstein is the smartest person who ever lived so he must be right in everything he says or believes! Turtles can go and DIE in their portable graves which they call their shell...

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