• Yes, I think nature is better when parenting.

    While the majority of parents chose the nurture route when parenting a child I think the nature method is a much better one, I think teaching the child of the ups and downs of life and what occurs is what happens is a very valuable lesson to instill in them.

  • Parents nurture all the time.

    When a parent hugs a child who is frightened, scared, hurting or sad that is nurturing. Helping a child be the best they can be and showing love is nurturing. So nurturing is the best way to parent a child. Children need to be shown love and respect like anyone else. They need to be nurtured and cared for to be able to grow up the best they can.

  • Parenting is all nurture

    The nature for children is already ingrained, so parents have already contributed this by giving birth. The actual acts of parenting are basically all nurture as they seek to shape the child in a way that hopes to make them a better person. It seems silly to call parenting nature.

  • Adopted kids do better.

    When parenting, nurture is better than nature, because nurture has more say in how a child turns out. A child who is adopted out of abuse and poverty will do much better than a child who is forced to live in those problems, even though their intelligence has not changed by being adopted.

  • No, nurture is better in terms of parenting.

    I definitely think that nurture is better than nature in terms of parenting. If you think about it, the whole concept of parenting is based on nurture. How your kids turn out to be when they grow up to be adults is based on how your raise them. People do not have to be product of their genetics.

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