Which is better: Xbox 360 (yes) or Xbox One (no)?

Asked by: patricky95
  • The 360 hands down is better.

    The 360 hands down is better. Xbox one may have better graphics but I've had to get 4 controllers in 3 months because they don't stay working and just overall it's interface sucks and it's just recently somehow deleted all my saved games because of a problem with it's cloud storage.

  • Don't pay full price for Xbox one games

    I don't even remember an Xbox one game that I've played start to finish without some game breaking bs technical issue.Finish the dang product! I won't pay anything over 20 dollars for a game. Was it really too much to ask to put a disc in and just play. Apparently, yes.Ive got Xbox one games that won't even play anymore without a week of troubleshooting and downloading.

  • Stick with the 360

    The Xbox 360 has been proven as one of the best gaming systems ever. The new Xbox one is trying to gain new customers from the previous 360 console. However, they are not able to do this yet. Some reasons for this are the new controller and new interface for the Xbox one. They are not as easy to learn yet and people are much more comfortable with the Xbox 360.

  • No xbox 1 is better!

    I think xbox 1 is better because it just better and good it even have a good design.I bought xbox 1 instead of xbox 1 because I knew it was better and also xbox one is newer and xbox 1 came out late then xbox 360 and xbox one will make better video games.

  • Xbox one is way better!

    Xbox one is the newer console, it has better graphics, and many new and improved features like voice command, soon, all of the new games that will come out will be for Xbox one,pc,and ps4. Eventually, they will stop making games for the Xbox 360 and ps3 like they did the even older systems like ps2

  • Xbox One is better

    The Xbox one is better than the Xbox 360 because it is an updated version of the Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 came out years ago so it was time for an update. The Xbox one is worth the price to pay and you can sell your 360 to upgrade.

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