• Features, customer support

    One fact no one can argue is that Microsoft, with the Xbox brand in particular listens to their customers. The truth is in the facts. We wanted more AAA exclusives(Check). Backwards compatibility(Check). Elite controller(Check). EA Access(Check). Early Access(Check). Cheaper console without kinect(Check). Merging communities(Check). Cheaper xbox store sales(Check). No one can deny that the xbox one in particular is probably the most improved console since launch ever.

  • Xbox is better

    The xbox one has a sound system which in fact is awesome and the grip of the controller is better for the newer gen. Because you do not have to have a big hand to rach the pad keys or the buttons.This is why i think xbox is better than playstation

  • Yes, the XBOX is better than the Playstation.

    Yes, I believe that the XBOX is better than the Playstation. Though many Playstation fans like to boast that the Playstation is better because of its Blu-Ray player and superior graphics engine, they forget a very important aspect to consider: game selection. The Playstation has a few good exclusive games, like the Uncharted series, but it has nowhere near as many great exclusive titles that the Xbox has. Some examples are the Halo series, Gears of War, Forza Motorsport, and Minecraft. The Kinect is also much better than the Playstation Move, which is clunky and cumbersome.

  • The Xbox has more useful features than the PlayStation does.

    Xbox is so much better than the PlayStation. The Kinect itself offers so many more features than the PlayStation. I also like the apps that are available for download like Amazon video. I'm not able to view Amazon videos on any of my tablets. I also like that Xbox has a speech feature--being able to speak the command is so much easier.

  • Yes, hands down.

    The Xbox allows more variety for gaming options as well as user friendly updates. I think the PlayStation may be more ideal for children or occasional gamers, but the Xbox is better for people who like to spend a significant amount of time playing games that use high end graphics.

  • Xbox is better because it is cheaper.

    The Xbox system may not be as powerful, but the price tag has a huge impact to consumers. On top of that, Xbox doesn't have nearly as many bugs as the PlayStation. When I buy a system it needs to work if I spend $200, but PlayStation you spend $600, and get pissed off with all the bugs.

  • Xbox sûçkš ass

    I think playstation is better then the Xbox because of the blu ray player and because the playstation has better graphics card, SO XBOX SÛÇKŠ XBOX SÛÇKŠ XBOX PLAYERS SHOULD BE KÎŁŁÈD XBOX SHOULDENT EVEN EXIST ITS SO BAD PLAYSTATION FOR LIFE PLAYSTATION FOR LIFE PLAYSTATION FOR LIFE PLAYSTATION FOR LIFE

  • Xbox is uneeded

    I believe that Playstation is better because it was also known as one of the first game systems to have Online Multiplayer and Networking with the Playstation 2. Also , you fail to realize that SOCOM was a Playstation game series exclusive and more over $9 million for the whole series.

  • Xbox Is Not Better

    The Xbox is not better than Playstation. The Playstation brand and console is more powerful. The only reason most people choose to go with Xbox is due to the cheaper price tag. Playstation has more exclusive games and third patty support, which let's you know how much better it is.

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