Which is funnier: South Park (yes) or Family Guy (no)?

Asked by: LCDebater
  • South Park FTW!!!!!!!!!!!

    Family Guy's humor doesn't make me laugh like South Park's humor does... In my opinion I think South Park is totally better than Family Guy because Family Guy has trashy humor that people can say that peaople don't put enough effort to think about there comedy... South Park is more funny, clever, and makes me in tears every time I replay it... Like you can't get sick and tired of it... Well at least I can't get sick of it... And I got on a website once and it said that more people voted that South Park is funnier, is more clever, and the vote was for the show being most popular between ❤️South Park❤️ (1st place), Family Guy (2nd place), and The Simpsons (3rd place)... And South Park won so there's some proof to y'all!!!! South Park is the best!!!

  • No offense but "Family Guy" is rude

    It's filled with annoying sarcasm that makes you wanna punch the creator in the face. "South Park" is purely a laugh riot. Now I'm not a big fan of the show, but at least it ain't ripe with the annoying sarcasm all too common in Fox cartoons these days. Enough.

  • I Support Human Writers

    While I contest in terms of originality, variety of humour, plot development and character consistency, Family Guy is undoubtedly the victor, a member of my extended family was once drowned my a very vicious manatee, so I have developed a lifetime distrust of their wily ways, including their writing. Because of this fact my vote will have to be in the human writer's favour.

  • South Park Wins

    "If only The Simpsons would wipe its a** in front of Seth MacFarlane, he could then do it, too. But sadly, Seth MacFarlane's bulky a** is caked in layers of unwiped excrement and shame...Because The Simpsons haven't done it yet."
    -- Gilbert Gottfried

    Okay, I know we are talking about South Park, but this quote needed to be used.
    I like South Park better because it has some excellent satire. I know the show has gone downhill lately, but Family Guy always has irrelevant jokes and guest celebrities to keep you watching.

  • Family Guy's popularity is symptomatic of the dumbing-down of popular culture

    Family Guy is comedy for cretins and thick schoolboys. One of the least original shows from one of the least funny 'comedians' so far this century. How is it that all of these average phonies named 'Seth' are suddenly so popular and famous?! The grinning, dumb, bigoted guy is taking over. Let's hope they get overtaken by someone with some talent and skill in comedy sooner rather than later. At least South Park is clever.

    What the hell has happened to US comedy since the 90s?! Must. Try. Harder.

  • Complete and utter randomness.

    While family guy is ridiculous pretty much from the first two minutes of the episode, episodes of South Park start off normally. Then, the most seemingly normal situations turn into a giant thing. Like the crab people, imagination land, or PETA. South Park has a way of turning every little thing into a giant conspiracy of sorts, which I find hilarious. Family Guy is funny in it's own way, but I feel like the plotline itself isn't funny, it's just told in a humerous way.

  • Family Guy FTW

    I think South Park has outlived its purpose. The way I see it, South Park took the torch from the Simpsons, and Family Guy took it from South Park. Both are excellent shows, but I think Family Guy is more accessible and bits and pieces of it can be just as funny as an entire episode.

  • Family Guy has a wider audience range

    I can enjoy Family Guy more often then South Park. I did enjoy South Park more in my early-to-mid teen years but as I got older, it got more boring and less funny. Most of my friends who had enjoyed South Park immensely had started to like it as watching it one-off.

    Family Guy however has remained the same amount of watching, sometimes even more time.

    Posted by: Okan
  • I prefer Family Guy

    See, South Park wins outright when it comes to crude humor and adult humor.
    But Family Guy has family comedy to it. (Maybe not as much now as it used to)
    Family Guy can appeal to a larger audience that South Park can.
    Now I do enjoy some South Park from time to time but I find that I can enjoy Family Guy more often than I can South Park.
    South Park is by no means a bad show. It's just that its target audience is too small.
    Family Guy has better more intelligent humor, better character development, and better animations for sure.

    Please give me feedback on what you thought after reading this.

  • Family Guy, no question.

    One of the main things I like about Family Guy is the lack of a continuous storyline. What I mean is, one episode doesn't necessarily match up with the ones before it and after it. That leaves room for more variety. There's also the fact that each episode starts out with a different plot than the end. For example, in one episode, it starts with Peter going to a Redneck comedy show, and then start acting like a Redneck. About 1/3 of the way in, that gives way to the main plot of the episode. Lastly, I like the various cutaways that happen whenever somebody says "Like that time when..."

  • Family Guy is too great

    I don't know about anyone else, but I love Family Guy. The creators and writers may have gotten a bit stale, but the comedy is still the best out there. The animation is much better, and the jokes aren't repeated every episode...I don't care about what bastard killed Kenny today.

  • Family Guy doesnt take itself too seriously.

    Family guy is really just about having fun and making people laugh. While south park is funny, Family guy is always topical, creative, and original. Their jokes have a certain style to it that doesnt need a demographic. Anyone can sit down without ever seeing an episode, and have a good time laughing through the episode.

  • Family guy is too funny!

    Family Guy appeals to me more because i love Stewies' voice and how he always tries to kill his mum. I just genuinely find it funnier than South Park because i prefer the characters and their personalities and the type of comedy and jokes included. Although some South Park episodes are hilarious!

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