• It is obviously an ultra conservative network that appeals to an undereducated viewing audience that believes everything they hear without question.

    Extremely unprofessional take on presenting the "news" anyone who challenges their"alternative facts" is denounced as an evil "liberal". Fox has been responsible for the horrible divide in the country. Their prime audience is uneducated, or undereducated, they have been brainwashed by this Network who is under the control of right wing extremists. It is an easy way to control a population. Keep people ignorant and ill informed, then you control them. First signs of dictatorship, cut off the press unless they say what you want them to say, and make sure people stay dumb, don't educate them.

  • I still like fox.

    It's not that I don't like fox, but I do agree that the show can get a little biased. I'm not saying it's lying or not true. I think that it's a huge republican you know what kissing show, but I do still agree with some of the stuff they say, but not all

  • MSNBC is far more biased.

    Fox has some bias, but, with the exceptions of Hannity and Huckabee, they usually get a mixture of liberals, conservatives, and libertarians. Most of the hosts are conservative leaning, but there is always a Juan Williams, Bob Beckel, or Alan Colmes. The news itself is generally unbiased.
    MSNBC has some hosts who are openly socialist and never dares to give conservatives a time to speak on their shows. They have used obscene words to describe female conservatives and have made racist comments about the Romney family adopting a black child. They are vicious and personal in their attacks on conservatives. They routinely call Republicans racist and never give them time to respond. Also, the simply didn't cover the IRS or Benghazi scandals.

  • Fox encourages debate and conversation.

    While Fox has a bias, they also encourage debate on their shows. They often have leftist guests who are given rather good amounts of time to speak, as opposed to MSNBC who's guests are given very little speaking time. Fox brings in voices from a variety of sides of an issue when discussing it.

  • Fox is way less biased than MSNBC.

    I just have one thing to say. People on MSNBC are always ridiculing conservatives, and sometimes they cross the line. For example, when one of their reporters jokingly said that the Republicans are trying to expand their diversity after Mitt Romney sent out his postcard with his new African American grandchild.

  • Msnbc is way more biased

    Both networks are biased. Fox news hosts and consevative with the exception of bob beckel and msnbc hosts are liberal with the exception of joe scarborough. Shows on msnbc like morning joe and the daily rundown are generally fair to both sides but once you get to now with alex wagner its all liberal. Not one conservative is ever on the ed show and the only conservative i ever see on hardball is michael steel. Rachel maddow is all democrat and so is the last word. Fox news has conservative and liberal guests on all the time during the day. Bill o'reilly always has alan colmes on and juan williams. Msnbc is more biased.

  • MSNBC is at least more opinion rather than news.

    Pew research does an annual state of the news media research and does an intensive look at everything media.
    From the source of add revenue all the way through how many males is female on cable TV it covers basically everything. When they took a look at the content of the top cable news networks and examined for opinions vs news MSNBC was the undisputed champion of opinion. Fox news was 55% opinion and 45% factual reporting and MSNBC was 80% opinion and 20% factual reporting. Since it is safe to say that the opinions expressed on both Fox and MSNBC are biased towards the right and left respectively, The question is to what extent.

    Both sides could conceivably be presenting factual information but omitting critical details necessary to reach an informed decision on their own terms. Journalism, Capital "J" journalism should responsibly present all the facts and leave the opinions to the viewer.

    To me, Both networks are biased but Fox news seems to make a more energetic attempt to give the other side a reasonably fair hearing. MSNBC however is totally and openly hostile to everything Republican. MSNBC is by far the most biased.

  • MSNBC's far left bias.

    MSNBC spouts more bias news than Fox and has far left hosts such as Rachel Maddow, Al Sharpton and Chris Hardball. There is barely any conservatives on MSNBC and compared to FOX there is actually democrats such as Juan Williams, Bob Beckel, and Alan Colmes. This proves that MSNBC is a far left-wing machine that is nearlly on the edge of collapse, due to barely any good ratings.

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