Which is more despicable -- slander (yes) or rape (no)?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Slander is worse

    Rape is one coarse of action that usually takes place privately. Versus slander which can be more well known and in the public. Slander can follow one for a lifetime. You can slander someone by claiming that they committed theft, or they committed murder, or they committed a rape. Slander is unrelenting but can follow you for a lifetime. It could also ruin your life entirely depending on how you were slandered.

    Rape is harsh but temporary. The memories of a rape may last though. But slander can cut you off from anyone else in this world depending upon the circumstances. For example, someone could be slandered as being a pedophile. Who would want to be around such a person?

  • I don't say this to compare, rather these are two of the most despicable crimes known to man

    One involves corrupting a woman forever. The other involves destroying one's reputation by lying about them. It's hard for me to say honestly which is the worst of these two crimes. Which is the more heinous of the two. Rape is horrible to me, but when you slander someone by saying they're rapist when they're not, is just as horrible. And we've seen it throughout history -- blacks got lynched by white racists for lies. Then you have a cop who's reputation was destroyed in 1989 by Tawana Brawley. So it's hard for me to say.

  • Almost equal due to the nature of each.

    Seems rape can corrupt a person( not just women) to a different mindset. They will never truly trust again.
    Slander is not like an open door like forced rape. Forced rape is done. That's it . While slander can range from insult level. To suicide, job loss( starvation), exile. Most times it falls around the same as a force rape. The person is corrupted

  • It could be under the right circumstances.

    A sufficient amount of slander could be worse than rape. It can cause irreparable damage to you and your family and cause lose of job and livelihood. Regardless rape is a terrible crime that should be equal if not greater an evil. Slander is a public destruction of your character and image rather than a more isolated private matter such as rape.

  • Ultimately slander can be far worse than rape

    Slander , if it goes on for long enough , you are unaware of it and it comes from family and so called friends is almost totally destructive of the target of it all. The target is seen through the veil of slander and misjudged all the time accordingly. She is deliberately exposed to snipes and hostility by those who she has trusted and she ends up being entirely misunderstood and scapegoated for every sin the malicious slanderer needs to smear onto her. She may even be framed.

  • This is ludicrous-the two are hardly comparable,.

    Slander-though arguably a very destructive offense-is nowhere near the caliber of rape. Slander is one person fabricating lies about another, and while this can be very destructive, it has no effect on the truth. The victim of slander knows still the truth and therefore can retain his own self-respect. Those close to him would be convinced of the truth, and there the damage is minimized. This is not so for rape. It is shattering in every respect-it wreaks havoc psychologically, can be poison to the body, and there is reparation for it. As to the psychological aspect, it not only leads to the complications of any trauma (PTSD, anxiety disorders, ect.), but can easily destroy ones self-respect. When another person treats your life as worthless and expendable, I'm told it wears away at ones own concept of their self-worth. It also is very destructive to the victims idea of world-it is easy, once one has been exposed to that caliber of violence and physical abuse, to believe this evil is common in the world, to see only the dark in people. It is an experience that shatters ones perception of good in the world. It also has extreme physical ramifications. The victim can contract an STD, or can become impregnated, both being afflictions that will cause the victim enduring physical and monetary complications. This is barely a question-after all, slander can be set right. The is no fixing rape.

  • Rape is more despicable.

    Rape is far more despicable and heinous than slander. Slander can be undone and the names of the victims of slander can be restored from wrongdoing. However, rape cannot be undone. Rape victims are forced to go through the rest of their lives with emotional and physical trauma. Not that victims of slander should be marginalized when compared with rape. But but to me, there's no comparison between rape and slander.

  • Rape is more despicable than murder

    Slander is a verbal attack on an idea or a personality. Rape is a vicious physical/sexual attack on a person. While slander is despicable, it is possible to fight back and, over a period of time, to reverse the effects. Rape is more despicable than murder because once the damage is done, it can never be undone. The dead may rest in peace, but the raped, most likely, will live a life filled with unrelenting mental trauma.

  • Rape is against the law, unlike slander

    To rape someone is a very very despicable crime. A rapists would have to tie the person up and do whatever the person wants to do to the victim as she watches in fear and struggles against the restraints. If you rape, you don't care if the person will be scarred for life or might want to commit suicide afterwards for her distrust in humanity, or care about the effects it has afterwards whether that be pregnancy or instilling fear in someone for the rest of their lives.

    It is also against the law and the punishment can be years of prison.

    But Slander is much more indirect and the person being slandered can fight back. Plus it doesn't affect the victim forever. Oneday the rumours will fade and he or she can have a normal life. Or he or she can hire a lawyer to be protected from slander.

    But rape is a totally different issue. It is torture, just plain torture to the victim. I it is almost like having someone force drugs in your body. Your rights are violated, and perhaps for the rest of your life, you will never be able to trust people the same way again. And even more extreme, the victims of rape may even experience nightmares later in life. Does Slander do that to someone, does it cause this much damage?

    Both acts are incredibly despicable but I think rape is much worse.

  • Rape uses force against the person's body

    Rape uses force against a person's body. Slander uses force against a person's reputation. Both are despicable, but violating a person's body is worse than violating a person's reputation. Furthermore, rape may cause physical damage to the body. Slander's "damage" will depend on how much the person cares as far as feelings go and even if the slander leads to diminished economic opportunities while arguably bad itself the person can choose not to care so much about that either. Granted you can argue that a person could choose not to care about physical damage to their body, but since the person is their body their lack of caring doesn't negate the damage that was done. And besides that if they didn't care they would've consented to the whole thing, which if it's rape they by definition did not.

  • Rape is wrong

    Rape is forcing a woman to do something against her own will. It also breaks one of the ten commandments. While the Slandering also breaks a commandment rape is forcing a woman to do something against her own will so it just feels a lot more degrading. Also in rape there's physical damage done to the lady so it doesn't only feel bad mentally but it feels bad physically.

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MassiveDump says2014-01-01T19:41:55.787
"Is rape more despicable than slander?" YES or NO questions. Dear God it's not that difficult.