Which is more effective at preventing teen pregnancy: abstinence (yes) or sex education (no)?

  • Why it works

    It is the only 100% way to prevent pregnancy. It also prevents STDs. Many girls may find it hard to abstain from sex but in the end it is the only way that you can be truly protected from these things. Also it helps if you aren't having sex and the relationship ends.

  • You can't get pregnant without having sex

    No sex is safe sex. By not doing it you are guaranteed 100% that there won't be pregnancy. With sex education, there is always the small possibility that something could go wrong resulting in pregnancy. Most teen pregnancies are accidental. We don't have to worry about them becoming pregnant if they aren't having sex. Even with education it doesn't guarantee that everything will work out the way they want it to. One is a risk behavior and the other is risk free.

  • Sex ed all the way!

    Abstinence only programs don't do anything to change young, hormonal minds. All it does it prevent them from the necessary knowledge it takes when they inevitably go into sex - and it is inevitable - and it might fill them with feelings of shame, guilt, and regret for participating in a natural activity.

  • Sex Ed is better.

    I think that sex education is much better at preventing teen pregnancy. Although some students may stick with being abstinent, many will not. Those that do not will have very little knowledge to make safe decisions regarding sex. They are much more likely to get pregnant, or get someone pregnant, than those with proper knowledge.

  • Sex education is more effective at preventing teen pregnancy.

    Sex education is more effective at preventing teen pregnancy. We can tell our students and children to refrain from sex but are they going to listen? Probably not since they are going to have sex at some point in their life. I think that we should be teaching our students sex education.

  • Sex education is far better than abstinence talk.

    The problem with abstinence is that it has been proven time and time again to not work at all. Sex is a normal, healthy part of life that teenagers will inevitably do. If it is just taught that sex is bad, the myriad of options to eliminate teen pregnancy are not going to be utilized. With that teenagers may contract an unhealthy view of sex as well.

  • Full Sex Education Is Better

    I believe a full sex education does better to prevent teen pregnancy. Teaching abstinence leaves out the methods used to prevent pregnancy and relies on teenagers opting for abstinence. Teenagers, generally, don't pick this method and it is well documented. It would be far better for teens to receive all of the information rather than a censored version of it.

  • Only one is shown to reduce teen pregnancy.

    Teaching abstinence (which is I assume what was intended here) only in schools has been proven over and over to be an utter failure- kids that are taught abstinence only sex ed rather than comprehensive sex ed are not only significantly more likely to get pregnant, but also to get an STD. They also don't actually delay their loss of virginity by more than a few months.

  • Teen abstinence is unrealistic

    Obviously abstinence would be the only reliable way to eliminate all teen pregnancy - however, this is an extremely unrealistic approach. Complete teen abstinence will never be; how would this even happen? Teenagers are teenagers. The best way to deal with the issue is to educate them so that they know how to handle the situations that they are going to get themselves into no matter what.

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TheShamelessTruth says2013-09-20T21:14:27.217
The way the question is formulated then abstinence is 100 percent the right answer. It should be abstinence only education vs. Sex education