Which is more effective: ballots (yes) or bullets (no)?

  • Ballots over bullets

    It may seem like voting doesn't change much sometimes. It might seem like the only way to change things is through violence and it works for awhile. The problem is that any government established through violence can be ended with violence. If you do not have the consent of the people you are governing then those people will resent you and ultimately replace you. Legitimate democratic governments are stable, violent dictatorships are not.

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    I will take that clipboard and smack the representative in the face and tell him from now on you do exactly as we tell you ! Then I will tell my army of which I also am the employer of my vote is cast and I have chosen you to be on the front line, OHHHH NOOOOO! Yes the front line of my research you got a war boys and it's name is cancer, aids ,starvation, ,nuclear ! So first we will plow fields for every inhabitant of the earth to eat and dig wells make rivers flow through desolate places ! And can I also tern the african 3rd word kids fountain of crystal clean water to run with beer endless beer and coca cola m remember and let me do that part I just want to feel a little like Jesus for a minute. Suppose that we rid our nukes and nuke plants when this earth gets a rockin I don't want ony ion particles knocken , dumb asses but you bet I would own a gun gun=fun! And you lucky to have me on your side I

  • Ballots are more effective.

    Ballots are by far the most effective way to change things. Violence is almost never a good option if you want to change something. If you want to change stuff, you should go out and vote and have your voice heard, instead of shooting people and getting yourself thrown in jail.

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