Which is more exciting, Stanley Cup Finals or Champions League Finals ? Yes for Champions League and No for Stanley Cup.

Asked by: TheCleetus
  • This is America People

    This site is mostly used by American people and hockey will always win from Americans. Not complaining just saying. If we were in Europe I can presume that we would discover very different results since futball is much more popular over there. This is the USA this is not Europe.

  • The Champions League Final is more exciting.

    Just look at the name "Champions League Final". Not "Finals", as in a best of seven series, but one game to decide who wins it all. One chance to win all the marbles. The pressure cooker that is the Champions League Final creates a more exciting atmosphere around the game. It also gives players just one game to etch their name into the history books. It seems as though the UCL Final gives us a memorable moment or moments every single year. Drogba's header, Robben's goal in the final minutes vs BVB, Ramos' header vs Atletico, and Barcelona completing the treble for the second time, etc.

  • Champions League is way more exciting

    I think Champions League is more exciting as their are millions of people around the world who watch Champions League. Whereas only North Americans watch the Stanley Cup so its only exciting in North America. Also, Soccer is more exciting than Hockey because it takes a lot of stamina and speed to play soccer.

  • In reply to TheCleetus

    "millions of people around the world who watch Champions League" - Millions of people watch the Stanley Cup as well (1).
    "Also, Soccer is more exciting than Hockey because it takes a lot of stamina and speed to play soccer" - There is much more physical contact in Hockey. Also, it takes much more skill to play on ice than it does to play on grass.
    (1) -

  • Definitely Stanley cup

    The stanley cup is much more interesting . Soccer is just boring unless you have messi playing but hockey is interesting all the way around. Also lord stanley for the win . Boo soccer yay hockey. I dont care about my spelling . If you dissagre then challenge me i dare you.

  • As a hockey fan, my heart stays close to hockey.

    I've been a hockey fan since I was 8 years old. I went to my first hockey game and had an absolute blast. There's nothing more exciting than watching the fast-paced, high octane action taking place on the ice. That, to me, is an incredible feeling.

    I would have to say hockey is the more exciting of the two sports.

    Posted by: S.K

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