Which is more harmful for children to view: graphic sex (yes) or graphic violence (no)?

  • The Bigger Problem

    Many children already have access to graphic violence through video games, movies, even TV shows. You don't see them at age 10 running around screaming how they will rip out some person's intestines and behead them, and many children's parents already have discussions with them about violence and how it is unacceptable in society. On the other hand, many parents do not talk to their children about sex. Children who may have access to pornography or graphic sex might only have been told in the past that sex is wrong and bad. When they are exposed to these things, they won't talk to their parents, either out of shame or guilt. Because their parents haven't taught them about sexual safety, many of them don't realize what is right or wrong, which may be a factor in the prevalence of rape. Already in some cases, children who have access to graphic (even violent) sex are acting it out on other children or siblings, because they don't realize it is wrong. Several have admitted to watching "rape porn" and acting out on younger siblings because they knew that the weak couldn't fight back. If more parents can step up to the task of teaching their children about sex, then it would be less harmful. But since so many of these kids are uneducated about this topic, it is even more dangerous for them to view it.

  • I think the real issue is

    That these are both very serious issues in our society. Neither one is worse than the other and they are both responsible for the destruction of morals and social skills. I think we need to start making parents aware that this material is readily available to children and that conversations need to be had.

  • Sexual violence is worse.

    Sexual violence is worse than non sexual violence.F f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f f

  • Graphic sex is worse

    Graphic sex is worse for children to view. Seeing violence doesn't cause violence if they are not making the violence happen in a videogame. They can feel sympathy for the victim if they see violence.
    Seeing sex makes rape happen. People could be violent without ever seeing violence if they dont know violence will hurt or kill them because they never saw it before.

  • This is a tough one but graphic sex is worst.

    Men are brutes, women take no interest in destroying things. Sex on the other hand, unlocks many mysteries and nymphs. The urge for sex is stronger than violence. Violence can be converted in to shouting or fist fighting with a classmate. Sex on the other hand, leads to rape and involuntary pregnancy. Yikes. Death occurs from both. One can get raped and become suicidal. Then one can fight and kill another. Violence is easily detected but do you know what your kids are doing right now? Maybe your imaginary son is masturbating to your imaginary daughter's barbies. That is worst than a girl throwing her barbie doll at her little brother.

  • Love vs War

    I believe children watching violence that showcases a lack of empathy and graphic and bloody scenes is far more harmful than watching two people make love, or have casual sex. Kids eventually have to learn how to have sex anyway, but we should never teach our children how to violently maul someone to death. Violence is much more harmful than sex but violence seems to always be more child friendly when it comes to ratings. Porn (no children allowed period, point blank). Violent horror movie, 13 and up.

  • A child watching sex leads to rape????

    I don't know where that poster was coming from but, yea, Yikes if watching sex led to rape. Anywho... I believe graphic violence is far worse for children to watch than sexual content. Unless of course they were watching that freaky stuff where people get their jollies by portraying fake rape. I can't explain it but there was a Michael Douglas movie, I believe it was Basic Instinct, where he barges into a woman's apt. And they have a little scuffle after which he bends her over the couch while she fights against him...That type of sexual content should definitely not be seen by children. There are all kinds of ways for them to get the wrong idea about consensual sex. That said, when two people are portrayed being in an argument and one blows the others' head off with a gun or cracks his skull with something leading to death, that can't be good for a child to absorb. Sure, conflict will always occur in life but knowing appropriate measure to resolve it separates humans from the other animals in this world. Kids may be developing the wrong ideas by watching graphic violence.

  • I have no idea where the evidence for graphic sex leading to rape comes from

    Graphic violence is indeed more harmful for children as it leads them to lessen their morals and believe that sometimes a little violence is necessary. However based on the behaviors of my friends, pornography has made some social outcasts while graphic violence has made some think violence solves most problems. I think graphic violence harms a child by feeding false assumptions about how the world works.

  • Not THE Same

    I Don’t understand why parents think sex is worse than violence.A child can watch a show like CSI and see people being torn apart and cannibalism,but the second there is some moaning parents freak out?
    Sex is a regular part of life that everyone will experience once,at least most likely.Parents Tell their children’s that sex is bad for their age.
    But I would play Mortal Kombat X with my mom and she wouldn’t have any objections.The Second I watched the simpsons and they started kissing in bed my mom would freak out.Violence is more disturbing and is worse to do than sex.

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Ragnar says2014-02-14T09:24:56.210
Wrong section. This is a two question poll, not a yes or no question.

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