Which is more humane and painless: Firing Squad (Yes) or Lethal Injection (No)?

Asked by: bassamelali
  • Quick, cheap, guiltless, and painless IF performed correctly.

    Quick: A bullet is so fast that a victim cannot have enough to even blink let alone react, rendering the death quick and near-instant.
    Cheap: It would cost significantly less than the ingredients and tools for lethal injection as the main cost would be for bullets and the executioners' effort.
    Guiltless: Out of the five guns given to executioners, one gun has a blank in it that is not revealed to the executioners so that they do not who actually killed the prisoner and thus wont have any shame or guilt.
    Painless: Compared to the Gas Chamber, Lethal injection and electrocution; a quick bullet (or four) to the heart is so quick, and instantaneous that the vicitm will not even feel a hint of pain before dying in a flash.

  • Lethal Injection humane.

    Lethal Injection is very human. While gun fire is that the heart and brain functions all shut down which takes 6-10 mins. While lethal injection is at most 10 mins.
    Painless: They also issue a drug called Midalozam in which induce unconsciousness while the other drugs stop your breathing and heart beat. Is it better to die by a volley shot and slowly suffer and bleeding out,Or be unconscious and let the drugs stop your heart and breathing without feeling it?
    Cheap:The guns in which they give cost at least 50 dollers. That is at least under what bassamelali says either 5 guns so that will be 250 dollers.

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