Which is more important? Anti-Racism or Freedom of Speech?

  • Anti-racism is more important

    Freedom of speech applies to people being able to express views on issues which don't hurt other people. It is not right to attack or harm people and put it under the guise of free speech. Racism is not something you can have an opinion on. It is universally known and proven that all people are equal. This is not something you can have an opinion on.

  • Anti rasicm is more important

    People use freedom of speech as an excuse to blab what ever is on their minds. It is like that annoying kid in school that does something foolish and ruins a good thing for his school.
    If you cannot say anything useful shut your mouth. ALEX JONES RUINED YOUTUBE AND SOCIAL MEDIA. I like conspiracy stuff and other opinions but the LOSER ruined everything. And then the other Losers like Jake Paul and Pew die Pie. The world would be better if people like them had no access to the internet and platform for themselves. But no you care so much about free speech of loser nazi and ignore millions of people suffering.
    Because you can't get your act together big brother will do it for you. Purple haired people are not your enemies you people are giving the reason and motivation for the end of free speech.

  • We should always go for a healthy balance.

    I'm only going on this side because everyone else is on the pure freedom of speech one and I thought I could try to give a more nuanced view. First of, Practically no one actually thinks unlimited free speech should be a thing, That's why even our constitutional free speech isn't with out limits, Consider how we would treat someone falsely screaming fire in a crowded theater. We have laws against verbal harassment and defamation/slander for a reason. Even directly relating to race we currently have limits on free speech that I would argue are important. Race is one of the protected classes, Your employer and landlord aren't allowed to make discriminatory statements towards you on the bases of your race, Such as calling you the n-word repeatedly, Because if the primary power holders in these situation didn't have these limitations, A lot of people could be trapped in really shitty situations. It's the same reason you can't be fired or refused housing on bases of your race alone. Of course this doesn't mean freedom of speech isn't important, For instance I'm really uncomfortable that a random employee expressing their opinion online can so quickly lead to them being fired even if their comments have nothing to do with the work place. I also don't like the way that discussion becomes stifled when people feel to afraid to express their opinions, Whatever they may be, Because all that seems to lead to is people barricading themselves into their own little echo chambers which often lead to people views becoming far more extreme then where they started. It's a balance that has to be maintained and one that people are often way to fast to go to one side of.

  • Poorly worded question

    Anti-racism is not even a thing, There is only the human race. Freedom of speech is essential to a free society. What we refer to as "racism" is little more than prejudice and bigotry, However the media and institutions have long since abandoned any attempt at educating the public as to the true meaning of words and hope instead to sway them with feelings and vague ideas of goodness.

  • Freedom of Speech is More Important

    Freedom of Speech is more important in this case. Racism and other sorts of hate speech are already not allowed in a lot of places, But making it a crime, Even if everyone agrees on this being bad, Is far to hard to put into place. How do you draw the line between something that is racist or something that isn't? Even with an idea, How does everyone agree on where the line is placed? They don't. And this is why freedom of speech is protected under the first amendment.

  • Freedom of Speech must be protected.

    Freedom of speech is under attack in both Western and less devolved countries. I think racism should not be punished, But discouraged and looked down upon like saying the N-word, White trash, And skinny eyes. If we start banning certain speech because it hurts feeling starts out with good intentions, But later on will turn into banning any speech you don't like. This is how we get things like safe spaces and media censorship. I do think racism is horrible no matter who does it, But banning speech is a dangerous road that can lead to the destruction of civilization as we know it.

  • Without freedom of speech we turn tyranical

    Free speech is much more important than people not having their feelings hurt from time to time. If our freedom of speech was stripped from us, It would quickly expand from just being about racist comments to jailing people for speaking out against leaders or simply really anything. There would be no way of determining what is hate speech and what is just speech. Is saving people from some bad words every once in a while really worth descending into tyranny?

  • Freedom is much more important than Tyranny! With unavoidable consequences of responsible for each of our own actions.

    Freedom is much more important than Tyranny! Freedom must not be compromised! That includes freedom of speech and communications. Censorship is useless, It just means more people will go underground, Or possibly form dangerous revolting mobs later. Let them vent!
    However Freedom does not mean no consequences nor responsibility for our actions. As Assasins Creed video game correctly depicts: each of our actions leads to unavoidable consequences. For example if I defame an innocent person with wrongful accusation, Then I will get defamed back or sued or punched by that other person.
    But if my accusation were correct, Then that other person needs to correct themselves and learn better ways. . . Etc.
    So freedom of speech and any freedom is very important!

  • Freedom of Speech.

    You will never end racism as being less trustful of those who are different is a natural instinct that can be hard to resist. If you don't identify with a certain culture, Your less sure how they will react in any given situation. I am not saying that I support racism in any way but just that I understand what makes people that way besides just the influence of others. For me, I do my best to ignore race or other things beyond a persons control and judge them only on things they can.
    People should be able to give whatever opinion they want without risk of legal penalties. Just because you or I don't agree with someone does not mean they are wrong. Getting rid of freedom of speech will never stop people from holding opposing opinions but just divide the people. Freedom of Speech means you can openly discuss/debate a difference of opinion.

  • Freedom of Speech

    Freedom of speech is more important as it is a civil right absolutely necessary in a democratic country such as America, There will always be intolerant racists in society and there is not much we can do about that, Acknowledging these views exist whilst also ignoring them is the best way to deal with racism, As censoring these views can impede on civil rights. What the above said

  • Freedom Of Speech

    Freedom of speech is more important as it is a civil right absolutely necessary in a democratic country such as America, There will always be intolerant racists in society and there is not much we can do about that, Acknowledging these views exist whilst also ignoring them is the best way to deal with racism, As censoring these views can impede on civil rights.

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screenjack says2019-06-02T03:18:56.263
That isn't a yes or no question lol.
screenjack says2019-06-02T03:19:16.047
That isn't a yes or no question lol

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