Which is more important as an immediate national priority. Jobs (YES) or climate change (NO)?

Asked by: bigdave
  • Jobs are the most important issue currently in politics.

    With so many Americans unemployed, the economy is down the ****er. We need more people employed to generate wealth which could then be used to help the economy. Not to write off Global Warming and the EPA, but if we want to help environmental issues we first need the money to do such. Thusly, jobs are of greater importance.

  • Global warming isn't real.

    Global warming is fake. Before everyone gets mad at me let me explain. The earth goes through cycles of hot and cold. That is natural. It has been happening before humans were even on this planet. Jobs however are a problem. If we get more jobs then people will have more money. More money means more tax money collected and more spending by the consumer. More spending means more need for product. More need for product means more jobs.

  • Jobs need to be dealt with first.

    I completely agree with Tyranus. We need money in order to deal with the environmental issues. If we don't have the money or resources to be able to deal with the environmental issues, then obviously, we can't deal with them. The environmental issues going on with the Earth seem to be issues that are going to take much more time, focus, and resources in order to be dealt with and taken care of properly. In order to generate that money and those resources, we need the economy to be better than it is now. Creating jobs would obviously help the economy. Yes, environmental issues are incredibly important and need to be taken care of. But without the proper resources that would be generated by jobs and the economy, the issue will not be taken care of.

  • Climate change is definitely more important.

    To still have an actual world where people live in and get JOBS, we have to take immediate action and protect this planet from harm. Currently, our only known source for food, water, shelter, and oxygen is in out planet Earth. As you can tell (probably), our Earth's stability to hold 7 billion people and counting is deteriorating. Climate change is definitely much more important than jobs. Climate change can lead to deadly hurricanes such as the more recent Hurricane Sandy, or some devastating droughts and flooding that caught upon the midwest and destructive wildfires in Colorado and the rest of the West. Climate change can also result in ver serious consequences, such as violent storms and rising seas. This is even threatening American states such as Florida and Maine to prepare for flooding due to the sea levels rising. This change is primarily fueled by the constant release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, or to narrow it down a bit more, power plants. These power plants produce 40% of the emissions of Co2 naturally. These power plants are currently facing no limits whatsoever of emissions of Co2.

  • Helping the environment creates jobs.

    With new ways to help the environment and reduce climate change we can create new jobs and benefit the economy. The Political Economy Research Institute even predicted that clean energy investments and increased environmental regulations would lead to a net increase of 1.7 million jobs. The construction and manufacturing industries will experience high rates of job growth, because those greener buildings and innovations need people to build them.The researchers predicted that federal investments in energy efficiency, cleaner transportation, and renewable energy would play major roles in stimulating the economy. Climate change NEEDS to be a national priority!

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