Which is more important: electricity (yes) or water (no)?

Asked by: adicool
  • Electricity is more important.

    We need electricity to filter our water... Sure you can drink water, but it won't be clean. You can get sick very easily. Buying the medicine can cost a lot, especially if you will need it frequently. Without electricity we cant filter water, which means if you get sick, there is nothing you can do about it. With filtered water you won't get easy as quickly.

  • Water is important than Current

    1. Water has been into existence long before man became inclined.
    2. 75 to 80% of the human body is made of water and without water u will die.
    3. You can can not last without water for a week but u can live without current for months.
    4. The air we breath in has some % of water in it but not current.
    5. It is even current that generates current.
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  • Water is more important.

    How is electricity more important than water? You need water to live. It's also important for farmers because without rain (water) their crops would not grow. If their crops didn't grow then we wouldn't have food! In conclusion: Water is much more important than electricity even though lots of things use electricity.

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