Which is more important: Following orders (yes) or doing the right thing (no)?

Asked by: ladiesman
  • It's easier to do the right thing.

    Life is just like mathematics, there is not just one way to solve every problem, it depends on how the solver does it. There may be times when rules and regulations aren't the good and the right way, so having a good conscience to help navigate through decisions is needed.

  • Sometimes orders are wrong.

    If you did what people told you to do all of the time, you would never get anywhere in life. Do what you believe is right because at the end of the day, the right thing is better than the recommended thing. Extra words should be inserted here and only here.

  • Is same thing

    If you decide to follow orders even for an act that you may find reprehensible or evil then clearly you are doing what you consider to be the right thing, same if you don't follow orders. I suppose for me it depends most on which I can live with (Which is most but not all things) and what I can get away with. If they are going to shoot me if I don't shoot someone else I may shoot who they told me to, and ideally seek employment elsewhere if I can. If they are only going to put me in jail or fire me for refusing to follow orders, then yeah I disobey order. Me being alive regardless most important.

  • Orders vs. Ethics

    Morality's message to humankind is, "Do this because it's the right thing to do", not "Do it because I'm the boss". Sometimes doing the right thing necessitates rebelling against orders. An example of this dilemma: In Star Trek(2009), after Captain Pike was captured and being held by Nero, Spock and Kirk got into an argument about whether to follow Pike's orders and rendezvous with Starfleet, as Spock thinks or to pursue Nero, as Kirk thinks. I side with Kirk; gathering with the rest of Starfleet and deciding what to do next leaves the rest of Nero's targets(Federation planets) defenseless.

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