Which is more important: Freedom (yes) or Safety (no)?

Asked by: bsh1
  • It's better to live for a minute as a tiger rather than eternity as a worm

    Freedom is much better because first our time is limited, i want to discover all kinds of things and if safety comes in my way then safety isn't good for me, but don't get me wrong you need to be safe at doing things i'm not saying safety is bad, but you can't overdo it. I would like to say both yes and both no, but if i had a choice i would choose freedom, if i would be given this option: "Be my slave and i will protect you from any harm, or be free, but we will be hunting you down." i would choose to be free.

  • Yes in general but more clarification on which freedoms we are talking about.

    Free to choose a career path? Freedom from being a slave? Free to hunt pigeons downtown with a firearm? Freedom to drive? In order to give a yes no answer on this vague question, I would have to answer yes with the exception of whether your freedom affects another person's safety.

  • Riding the Niagara is dangerous!

    Because this question is clearly about whether the freedom to ride over Niagara Falls in a shoddily fashioned survival drum is more important that public safety, I must cast my vote in favor of Safety. Benjamin Franklin would be soooooooo disappointed...In the phrasing of this question.

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