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Talent is more Important

  Talented people will have an easier time trying to succeed in life than thy who are untalented. It will be easier for them to find a good jo0b, because if they are good at a certain activity, certain jobs will be easier for them. Also, they will have a higher chance to get good grades, hired, and succeed. Without people that are talented, there will be less jobs being done creatively and well. A talented man who works hard will have better chances in life than someone who just works hard.
GrandPlays says2016-07-08T17:39:03.617
RETARD alert
Kashish5580 says2017-05-03T03:38:54.980
Do you mind if i use that evidence for my report?
mjklgh says2020-06-06T15:28:36.800
No it won’t. Certain jobs like inventing and innovation will be the biggest barricade to their success. Because they’ve never trained in their life and never worked hard, So they don’t know what to do in new situations.
mjklgh says2020-12-17T19:02:49.460
Society is flawed in that they look more for talent, Which kind of sucks but that doesn’t mean talent is better, It just means our dumb society simps for talented ppl.
brolum says2021-02-28T05:44:52.497
Tbh that's not a good reason to say talent is more important. That just simply shows the partiality of human society in selecting people for jobs. They look for whos innately good, Not whos hard working, But that doesn't mean that talent is more important, It just means our society's system is dumb.
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