• Hard work is more important than talent

    Tim Notke once said 'Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard'. Everybody has various talents from math to soccer to technology. This is because without hard work talent is meaningless and you can create talent with hard work.

    Even though you may have a talent you will lose it if you won't work hard. Your natural gift will be wasted. If you do not practice what you have already learnt you will soon forget it. This is why many people say 'practice makes perfect'. Talent is something that is a natural gift but easy to lose.

    You can easily create talent if you concentrate and work hard. It will become more like a second sense as you do it more. Say you are bad at math. You will soon become better and understand it more if you practice. Talent is easy to create if you work hard.

    Many say that talent gives you an edge. It can make you in front of everyone so you will need to do less work. However, Talent is like the hare--stubborn. It rests after a while. On the other hand, Hard work climbs gradually to the finish line and in the end, Wins.

    Overall, Talent may give you a head start in life, But talent always finishes the race. This is because without hard work talent is meaningless and you can create talent with hard work.

  • You're looking at it wrong

    Though talent gives you a head start in life it honestly doesn't come to all. Some talents are useless, Such as Licking your elbow. Ok, you can do it YAAAAYY... I also agree with those who are saying that talent without hard work is wasted. I had a talent for drawing. Woo hoo. I could draw a crappy person instead of a stick figure. Now, I've worked hard and I can draw Pretty good if I do say so myself. Finally to the "resent study" poster, IQ is not an overarching test for intelligence. I tells how good You are at picking out patterns. It pattern recognition is talent, I am extremely confused.

  • Hard Work More Important Than Talent

    Yes, hard work is more important than talent as talent will only carry one so far. If one is not willing to put in the work to harvest and cultivate their talent, then the talent itself is essentially useless. Hard work and perserverance will beat out pure talent any day.

  • Hard work is more important

    Talent is useless unless you work to achive it. If you have talent it doesn't mean can sit on the couch all day and then expect to be great. Just because you have talent doesn't mean you can go on the court be the star of the team. Just like Kevin Durant says "Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard". And he has proved that himself!

  • Talent is useless

    I do support because without the hard work the talent is useless!And with determination you can surely achieve your goals!There is an old saying that with your hands in your pockets you cannot climb the ladder of success!Hence I think that persistence with determination can always assure you suceess. And talent alone is useless

  • Talent is a dirty word

    Talent gives you a head start, but hard work makes you finish the race.

    Some "no" arguments (talent over hard work) say that profoundly gifted individuals have an edge. No doubt, but how many truly are "profoundly" gifted? Not many, at most. Which tool is more important, the one that everyone can use for every purpose, or the one some can use for some purposes?

    Hard work trumps talent. Yes, even if a talented person can trump a hard working person (or vice-versa, because there's always someone better). Hard work, is something everyone can possess; it can help everyone for just about anything. Talent? Only some possess it, even less use it properly.

    People who have both, are amazing. Why? Because not only were they naturally blessed, they've kept at it. Talent without hard work becomes meaningless. Hard work without talent stays hard work, it oftentimes makes the skill second nature - something talent rarely does.

    No doubt talent is still important, but the question isn't "which one is important and which one isn't?" It's which is MORE important. Hard work is, because whether you have talent or not, you can have hard work. Hard work is not a genetic miracle like talent seems to be. It's a way of life, a personality trait that can be ingrained into each and every one of us. That is why it is more important.

  • Talent can do nothing without preseverance

    Many people think that all you need to succeed at anything is talent. Talent is all very well and helpful to anyone wanting to do anything. However, talent alone, without the perseverance to ensure that helps one achieve is useless. This is as true with writing as it is with any other activity. A child can exhibit a great talent for ballet dancing but without good teachers to guide that raw talent and the child’s perseverance in practicing that her teachers teach her and honing her talent, she will never be a famous ballerina. It is the same with a writer, a child can show an exceptional talent for story telling, but if he ignores his teachers’ comments on how they could improve, and doesn't work on his stories, he will never be a great novelist.

  • What is Talent?

    I think talent is pretty much useless. I think this because yes you could have a lot of talent, but if you don't work hard where's that going to get you. Talent can take you far, but if you don't work hard at what you are naturally good at that is not going to get you far.

  • Talent is good for the short-term.

    Hard-working people have a passion for what they are doing. Talent can get someone to a high level; however, hard work takes people above and beyond This is because when someone is passionate, he or she is more motivated to take the work and create something new and amazing with it. Talented people who lack passion also lack motivation and will to create something that has never been seen before.

  • Talent is useless

    You cant do anything without hard work it is the crucial aspect needed and without it u cant even enhance ur talents even if u have one. Talent is nothing without hard work. There is a difference between a natural talent just there to help u along and an inborn talent which can be improved and cultivated by hard work.

  • You can't be good without talent,

    Without any talent, You can't even start to get good, But with talent and no hard work, You can. Anything beyond at least a shred of one and a shred of the other is just up to whatever the field is. I need more words to reach word count thanks.

  • Without talent, Working hard would be useless.

    Of course, Working hard is required in order to succeed. Having a talent without paying any effort won't bring us achievements. However, If you do not have the talent in certain aspects, It means that you shouldn't waste time in working hard in those conditions. Try telling a fish to climb, No matter how hard it tried, It will not succeed as the fish has no limbs. Focus on the stuff you are good at.

  • The Mind Blown

    Your talent can be working hard. Talent means natural aptitude or skill. Talent can be awaken not thought. " Talent cannot be thought it can only be awaken". “Talent hits a target no one else can hit". Talent can be found by the heart not by mind.

    Bye bye bye

  • I ended debate

    Talent because you can have a talent of working hard. If you need a talent you can have talent of working hard in school. " The price of success is hard work, Dedication to the job at hand, And the determination that whether we win or lose, We have applied the best of ourselves to the task at hand".

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  • Anybody can work hard but all of them may not have the same talent

    Let`s say a person is reading a 400-page book for his exams, He works day and night studying as it is. He works hard. Let`s another person is reading the same book with the same deadline by understanding. Here he uses talent to breakdown concepts and works hard only a little.

    Posted by: K32
  • Talent allows you to go further

    With hard work sure you can make a stable living and support a family. However the fact is that only those with significant talent will rise up and distinguish themselves from the crowd. (Or those with significant luck but that's not the question) I need 5 more words l o l

  • Talent beats out Hard Work

    Just think about it. Would you want a doctor who works hard or a doctor that is talented? Hard work is a form of natural talent. Someone can work very hard to be good at something but still won't beat a person who is naturally great at it. Just because someone works hard doesn't mean they will be as good as someone who is naturally talented.

  • Talent gives a person an edge.

    When you pick up something quickly, It's talent. When you study and do it with hard work, It's something that requires you to do it again and again to retain it. . Having talent will help to learn more things quickly, Where hard work requires time to learn the ropes. With talent, Hard work becomes easy and without talent hard work is just that. . . . Hard work.

  • Kevin durant is 7 foot and athletic

    Nobody i know is 7 foot and athletic. Yes hardwork is important but without being 7 foot and athletic keving probably wouldnt be that good. You need talent to get you started and to have that finishing touch. How come every olympics the there are 3 jamacains in the finals of the hundred meter dash. They have a special talen

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