• Hard work is more important

    Talent is useless unless you work to achive it. If you have talent it doesn't mean can sit on the couch all day and then expect to be great. Just because you have talent doesn't mean you can go on the court be the star of the team. Just like Kevin Durant says "Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard". And he has proved that himself!

  • Talent is a dirty word

    Talent gives you a head start, but hard work makes you finish the race.

    Some "no" arguments (talent over hard work) say that profoundly gifted individuals have an edge. No doubt, but how many truly are "profoundly" gifted? Not many, at most. Which tool is more important, the one that everyone can use for every purpose, or the one some can use for some purposes?

    Hard work trumps talent. Yes, even if a talented person can trump a hard working person (or vice-versa, because there's always someone better). Hard work, is something everyone can possess; it can help everyone for just about anything. Talent? Only some possess it, even less use it properly.

    People who have both, are amazing. Why? Because not only were they naturally blessed, they've kept at it. Talent without hard work becomes meaningless. Hard work without talent stays hard work, it oftentimes makes the skill second nature - something talent rarely does.

    No doubt talent is still important, but the question isn't "which one is important and which one isn't?" It's which is MORE important. Hard work is, because whether you have talent or not, you can have hard work. Hard work is not a genetic miracle like talent seems to be. It's a way of life, a personality trait that can be ingrained into each and every one of us. That is why it is more important.

  • Hard work is more important than talent

    Tim Notke once said 'Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard'. Everybody has various talents from math to soccer to technology. This is because without hard work talent is meaningless and you can create talent with hard work.

    Even though you may have a talent you will lose it if you won't work hard. Your natural gift will be wasted. If you do not practice what you have already learnt you will soon forget it. This is why many people say 'practice makes perfect'. Talent is something that is a natural gift but easy to lose.

    You can easily create talent if you concentrate and work hard. It will become more like a second sense as you do it more. Say you are bad at math. You will soon become better and understand it more if you practice. Talent is easy to create if you work hard.

    Many say that talent gives you an edge. It can make you in front of everyone so you will need to do less work. However, Talent is like the hare--stubborn. It rests after a while. On the other hand, Hard work climbs gradually to the finish line and in the end, Wins.

    Overall, Talent may give you a head start in life, But talent always finishes the race. This is because without hard work talent is meaningless and you can create talent with hard work.

  • Talent can do nothing without preseverance

    Many people think that all you need to succeed at anything is talent. Talent is all very well and helpful to anyone wanting to do anything. However, talent alone, without the perseverance to ensure that helps one achieve is useless. This is as true with writing as it is with any other activity. A child can exhibit a great talent for ballet dancing but without good teachers to guide that raw talent and the child’s perseverance in practicing that her teachers teach her and honing her talent, she will never be a famous ballerina. It is the same with a writer, a child can show an exceptional talent for story telling, but if he ignores his teachers’ comments on how they could improve, and doesn't work on his stories, he will never be a great novelist.

  • Hard Work More Important Than Talent

    Yes, hard work is more important than talent as talent will only carry one so far. If one is not willing to put in the work to harvest and cultivate their talent, then the talent itself is essentially useless. Hard work and perserverance will beat out pure talent any day.

  • Talent is useless

    I do support because without the hard work the talent is useless!And with determination you can surely achieve your goals!There is an old saying that with your hands in your pockets you cannot climb the ladder of success!Hence I think that persistence with determination can always assure you suceess. And talent alone is useless

  • Hard work IS talent.

    Some say people were born with talent in their blood. Some say hard work is talent. Personally, I think its hard work that is talent. Below are reasons why, And evidence to support my argument.

    Sure, Getting born with being able to do stuff that most can’t do gives you a head start, But it doesn't mean you have REAL talent. Do you think Beethoven or Steve Jobs, Even LeBron James were born with talent in their veins? No! Beethoven was deaf, But he still was able to make music! DO you think it was easy for him? No! All odds were against him, But he still tried. Steve Jobs was abandoned by his biological parents at birth, But his adopted dad knew mechanics and technology, And he learned from him! Are all basketball players born with skills? Are all tech geeks born with electricity in their blood? Was Albert Einstein a genius at birth? No! Was Mr. McCrossen awesome at trumpet the moment he laid his hands on it? I don’t think so (No offence). But hard work led these ordinary people to their fame!

    After reading some of the comments on the article you assigned us, It got me thinking. Do special people, Born with talent, Work hard to maintain it? Like my grandma always says, “If you bury talent and don’t work hard on it, You will lose it, And your life won’t be the same again”. A lot of people in my family are talented, My grandma can draw really well with pastels, My dad can sing as well as me. But, I can prove that hard work leads to talent by a short story that happened in my life. I never had talent in photography, My pictures turned out blurry and grainy, But as I practiced more and more, I got better and better, Which is evidence to my statement that I repeat over and over “Hard work leads to talent, And talent leads to success. ”

  • You're looking at it wrong

    Though talent gives you a head start in life it honestly doesn't come to all. Some talents are useless, Such as Licking your elbow. Ok, you can do it YAAAAYY... I also agree with those who are saying that talent without hard work is wasted. I had a talent for drawing. Woo hoo. I could draw a crappy person instead of a stick figure. Now, I've worked hard and I can draw Pretty good if I do say so myself. Finally to the "resent study" poster, IQ is not an overarching test for intelligence. I tells how good You are at picking out patterns. It pattern recognition is talent, I am extremely confused.

  • Talent is useless

    You cant do anything without hard work it is the crucial aspect needed and without it u cant even enhance ur talents even if u have one. Talent is nothing without hard work. There is a difference between a natural talent just there to help u along and an inborn talent which can be improved and cultivated by hard work.

  • Hardwork creates talent

    In some aspects of life, talent can't be made, however it in others, talent CAN be made through hard work. It may not be natural-born talent, but it is talent none the less. What is the point of having a talent if you are not willing to put in the work to grow and shape that talent or skill?

  • IQ Level (intelligence quotient)

    You all know what IQ level is, right ?? You cannot get more IQ level by working hard. It is something which is inside you.It cannot be beaten by hard work. Example- A boy works hard and completes a a specific task in 6 days. Another boy (whose IQ level is high) completes the task in 3 days. That just like half the time!!!!

  • Recent study about talent.

    We’ve all heard that hard work is the key to success. But a recent study found that the “profoundly gifted” still have an edge over peers who have less natural talent but are perhaps more dedicated to improving their skills. Have you experienced the power of talent over hard work? Or have you found that success comes to the person willing to put in the most time and effort to achieve it?

    In the Sunday Review piece “Sorry, Strivers: Talent Matters,” David Z. Hambrick and Elizabeth J. Meinz describe this study, along with their own research findings that support the idea that talent, not dedication, is the ultimate predictor of success:

    Exhibit A is a landmark study of intellectually precocious youths directed by the Vanderbilt University researchers David Lubinski and Camilla Benbow. They and their colleagues tracked the educational and occupational accomplishments of more than 2,000 people who as part of a youth talent search scored in the top 1 percent on the SAT by the age of 13. (Scores on the SAT correlate so highly with I.Q. That the psychologist Howard Gardner described it as a “thinly disguised” intelligence test.) The remarkable finding of their study is that, compared with the participants who were “only” in the 99.1 percentile for intellectual ability at age 12, those who were in the 99.9 percentile — the profoundly gifted — were between three and five times more likely to go on to earn a doctorate, secure a patent, publish an article in a scientific journal or publish a literary work. A high level of intellectual ability gives you an enormous real-world advantage.

    In our own recent research, we have discovered that “working memory capacity,” a core component of intellectual ability, predicts success in a wide variety of complex activities. In one study, we assessed the practice habits of pianists and then gauged their working memory capacity, which is measured by having a person try to remember information (like a list of random digits) while performing another task. We then had the pianists sight read pieces of music without preparation.

    Not surprisingly, there was a strong positive correlation between practice habits and sight-reading performance. In fact, the total amount of practice the pianists had accumulated in their piano careers accounted for nearly half of the performance differences across participants. But working memory capacity made a statistically significant contribution as well (about 7 percent, a medium-size effect). In other words, if you took two pianists with the same amount of practice, but different levels of working memory capacity, it’s likely that the one higher in working memory capacity would have performed considerably better on the sight-reading task.

    It would be nice if intellectual ability and the capacities that underlie it were important for success only up to a point. In fact, it would be nice if they weren’t important at all, because research shows that those factors are highly stable across an individual’s life span. But wishing doesn’t make it so.

  • Anyone could be hard working.

    Hard work without talent can only take you so far. Not every talented people are lazy bums. Everyone can be hard working but not everyone has talents. Talent IS essential. Talented people just need a little nudge of hard work and they'll be zooming their way to success. Sorry strivers!!

  • Talent is also necessary for success.

    No, talent is also important for success.If you have no talent or skill, how will you work hard. All the famous and successful people in the world had skills and talent so they worked hard, used their talent, and climbed the ladder of success.So nobody should ever say that talent is not important.

  • Hardwork cant beat natural physical capabilities

    For example, in volleyball, the role of a middle is very important. A middle is a tall player that blocks the other players. Although, through training, shorter players can jump as high as the tall players, this isnt important. Whats important is the fact that tall players will take half the tome to reach the height while shorter players will not be able to reach the optimal height of blocking in time.

  • Hardwork is dumb

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  • Science Proves This

    The talented people get farther in life, as long as they are working as hard as the hard-working people. While this may seem like a pro-hard work argument, talent gives people an edge over hard working people, and it is the reason why there is such a thing as natural talent and I honestly have no idea what I am talking about.

  • Hardwork makes you a labour but if you have talent than you can be a celebrity !

    Talent is something god gifted so talented person can not be ignored in professional life, but sadly a hard working person can be ignored.
    Sometimes it happens most talented person is lazy but that means hard work can replace talent.Talent gives efficiency to our work but hard work develop our labour qualities.

  • Natural talent is a big thing, even bigger than Nurturing something.

    People invented new Zealand’s got talent, than the judges say “you’re a natural” that’s because the people who get on that show and win it, are natural, and get there talents naturally. Its not like they call it “new Zealand’s got hard work.”
    natural talent, it’s not a myth. My argument comes from the achievements of people like Mozart, Michelangelo, Einstein, Michael Jordan etc… and my association with some very smart people in real life. I believe some people have more natural aptitude than others in certain areas. This is what I call natural talent.

  • Talent is more efficient in the real world

    When you are a kid, all of the adults would talk about how important hard work is, but if you are doing something professional like a job then talent will go the distance more than hard work. Even though celebrities say hard work is more important they just say that to get $$$$$$$

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