Which is more important: Law (yes) or Freedom (no)?

  • Law and Freedom do come hand in hand,

    Why do we have laws? Laws are usually implemented to protect the people. To give them freedom, because they would feel free. If murder were legal, I wouldn't feel really free. Law is established for the people, not to go ahead and have authorities boss the people around. This is why.

  • Law is needed at an extent

    Law is needed because we live in a very crazy world and people should be punished for the choices they make eg. Killing, theft etc. Already, with LAW they are doing horrid things so if there was no law the world would be in chaos. But, for example, wearing the niqab in France should be legal hence its what the women are doing and isnt affecting anyone. It does really depend to what extent freedom is given and how strict the law it, but yes, law is more important

  • This fits neither column; Rule of Law is about freedom

    The tradition of rule of law in this country has been that we go by what the law says whereas in many dictatorships the dictator or his subordinates may jump in and say that although the law and the Constitution (which is typically just for decoration in a dictatorship) say one thing that we need to do another. Rule of law means you get habeus corpus, it means you have inalienable rights and government officials and politicians lack the 'freedom' to take it away arbitrarily.

  • Both wrong at extremes

    To say that we need ultimate freedom, will then mean that you will use your freedom to infringe on my freedoms. To say we need ultimate laws (put in a funny way) means that we can not do a single thing for ourselves, and need permission to do everything, include wiping ourselves after excretion of waste. A middle ground must be found. We need a reference point around which we can go more or less laws. But at this point, and in response to No, i say we need laws to avoid someones freedom caging me up.

  • Law is essential to freedom.

    Law is what binds our society together. We need law in order to function. What would we have freedom from if there were no law? Law is what keeps out society together and freedom is an opportunity. We wouldn't be anywhere in society if we didn't have law but some countries barely let their people have any freedom and their sill able to function but hardly. We need law more that freedom- Think Logically!

  • Law will protect your freedom.

    If somebody block your freedom, you can demand that person with law. Freedom is what everybody have by its nature. Without law is without freedom. For example: a person is in a territory that neither are territories of either countries, it already has freedom. Then another person kill that person. Neither both countries will care about it because you are free in a certain point. That you are in a territory that is nobody's property. With law, that person will be punished in jail.

  • We yearn to be free.

    What good is the mechanical grinding where each human, brainwashed and collared, is acting like a piece of instrument within a behemoth machine. Where does that kind of submission lead us, and could be ever experience pride in such a situation? It's like killing every human being, just to end wars and create internal peace.
    However, the question is extremely hypothetical because it is undeniable that both are needed.

  • Laws are useless without freedom.

    Simply image you had no freedom at all and couldn't never obtain it. You would just be stuck in a box, not even big enough to move around. You had no freedom do make any decision. If somebody wanted to use you for anything or do anything to you, they could and you couldn't do anything against it. In such a situation law is either useless to you.
    Then again, if you had freedom, you wouldn't need the law.

    In addition, the law is there to protect and ensure freedom. If one only exist to sustain the other, the sustained is more important than the sustaining one. The protected [freedom] more important than the protector [law].

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