Which is more important: national security against terrorism (yes) or protecting the rights granted to us in the Constitution (no)?

  • Protecting against terrorism is generally more important

    The constitution is an extremely important document, but people obsessively harping on certain parts of it are a problem in this country. The second amendment is outdated, needless, and in 2013 completely moronic, but some people still swear by it as extremely important. It isn't. What's important is being able to walk into a crowded building and not worry about dying because of it. Terrorism is going to be an issue for years to come, it's important to be able to combat it.

  • Obviously protecting against terrorism is more important

    1) Utilitarianism: a policy that is designed to do the most good for the most amount of people and maximize life in all choices. Aka the government should do what ever is going to save the most amount of lives in the long run. Terrorism is a SERIOUS threat domestically and internationally and threats of nuclear terrorism, bio terrorism, chemical warfare/terrorism, cyber terrorism is REAL. The collection of data we have is ESSENTIAL to making sure we can remain safe and prevent terrorist attacks before they happen. THE NSA HAS SUCCESSFULLY PREVENTED 53 TERRORIST ATTACKS IN THE PAST 12 YEARS that we know about, but there are probably more because the government doesn't like disclosing that. WE ONLY HAVE TO FAIL ONCE for a massive terrorist attack to happen - killing thousands of people, potentially you or someone you know and love.

    2) Opportunity - the second we decrease the domestic surveillance we have, that will be terrorism galore because the perception of us doing that in the name of privacy is IMMEDIATE perception of opportunity for terrorists to strike because we just made it THAT much easier putting NOT ONLY YOUR LIFE IN DANGER BUT AMERICA.

    3) Why the hell do you care - if you have nothing to hide, why does it matter if they have data on you. They only look through it if something you do flags them as a threat, and then they have to go to the FISA court and prove that it is a massive threat to security if they don't look through it, and ask for a warrant. So chances are, if you're not a terrorist, they aren't looking through your data so you still HAVE privacy cause they aren't looking through it.

    I know this because i am in debate and i have researched this exact topic extensively so you people need to chill, it isnt as bad as it seems and theyre only trying to help you

  • Lose now, win later?

    So the plot is to give up your freedom now, so the government can protect you from "terrorists" who are threatening your freedom?

    National security is a joke and a complete illusion. There are hardly ever any real threats and the remaining time is spent on spying on general population. When there are real threats, they hardly ever do anything about it because any "terrorist" knows about national security and avoiding it will obviously be their number one priority.

    The government are well up for trying to stop things happening before they happen, but the few times when things happen anyway (probably 100% of the time they're ever attempted), they can do jack all about it except go to war in another country and achieve nothing?

    I'd rather the superforce which is the government got taken over by terrorists (impossible) than to have that super force used against us. A dictator or group can be taken care of if people are willing enough. A government half the world bends over for is a much scarier threat.

  • Is this even a question?

    PEOPLE! YOUR RIGHTS ARE FAR MORE IMPORTANT THAT PROMISES OF SECURITY. I can't believe that people still think that there's brown boogeymen plotting to kill all of us. They can't, and they won't (though they may be justified in their sentiments to an extent), nor should they, but we as Americans CANNOT sacrifice our rights for temporary security. What will our children say? What will we tell them? That we were too afraid to protect their rights? I won't. I'm going to fight to undo all the injustice and destruction of our rights in the last forty years.

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