Which is more important: social welfare reform (yes) or corporate welfare reform (no)?

  • Social welfare is more important.

    Social welfare is far more important because there is far more capital to be thrown around in society thatn in a single corporation. Society is dying to get reform in their aspects, and they need it because they rely on the government and the government in turn relies on them.

  • It's falling apart.

    Social welfare reform is more important that corporate welfare reform, because social welfare reform is in the worst position financially. Social welfare reform systems are running out of money. Corporate welfare is indirect welfare and is hardly noticed. Social welfare often keeps people dependent on the government and others, and needs to be fixed.

  • Corporate Welfare reform should be an easier system to fix.

    The fact that government is propping up failed businesses and investing in green technology is a serious problem as they are not making wise investments nor using funds in a manner which encourages wiser choices in the future. Bail-outs have also resulted in cash-flow rushing to risky sectors and are a threat to the economy. Both systems of welfare must be reformed, but big bailouts have a far more negative impact economically.

  • Corporate welfare reform is more important.

    Corporate welfare reform is more important. We should not be trying to take welfare away from the people that truly need it. They are trying to put rules and regulations in place that would kick families out of the program and basically out in the street. We should not allow that.

  • Social welfare reforms are more important

    I feel that social welfare reforms are ultimately more important to society because the current system allows individuals to take advantage of a government program that is meant for those that do not have the means to support themselves. A reform of this system would be more immediately beneficial to society.

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