Which is more important: the economy (yes) or the environment (no)?

  • With no economy there is no point in having a good environment.

    It is important to take care of this world, its the only one we have but it is easily provable that "green" movements are ultimately bad for our economy and if we all want to live like cavemen again and just live basic so we don't hurt anything then thats whats coming but we have to learn how to find a happy medium with it to maintain and surpass our current standard of living which we all love and still try and take care of this world best we can.

  • A nation cannot prosper without the economy.

    Maintaining a good economy is way more important than maintaining a good environment. A good economy leads to good financial growth of the nation, while a terrible economy leads to a nation that cannot do anything. Some Mediterranean countries are currently deep in debt while having a good environment, but people there are having a really difficult time finding jobs and earning money. Bad economy will lead to the collapse of the nation.

  • Environment vs Humans

    Many continue to make the appeal that protecting the environment is the most important matter in our world. However, little care is given to the humans in poor conditions everywhere in the world. Much more is done to save endangered species than to save endangered humans. The law itself makes it difficult to help other humans, while making it easy to create laws that ban things such as tuna. Humans will always be more important; without humans, how can we hope to repair anything?

  • The economy is more important.

    These stupid environmental activists don't realise that the earth is much much more powerful than man and we do not have the power to destroy the world. Nature can regenerate faster than man can destroy it and so a strong economy is more important than the environment because we need jobs to live.

  • The earth isn't fragile.

    The economy has to be very strong to have a good nation. The environment isn't really that important, because the earth isn't as fragile as we think it is. It can stand a lot more than what is happening now. We should only deal withbthe environment when the time comes.

  • No economy, no environment…

    If we do not develop the worlds economy, than the world may not have enough money to help the environment (example is the US; very much in debt, and money is already spread thin enough). The better economy we have, the more we can help the environment later. Thank you.

  • Economy, is more important.

    We cannot support the environment without first supporting the economy. A strong economy supports survival and makes life upon this planet bearable. Think about it the only time this is even a debate is when it is founded in a county that has a strong economy. Fledgling countries don;t seem to care one way or another about the environment, when it comes to the ease of obtaining basic needs.

  • Without economy, this world is a mess.

    If you think about it, this world would be really plain, normal if our economy wasn't advanced. I the economy was advanced, like it is in most developing countries, then it would be a better place. Environment is after taking care of our human race. No homes equals poverty. If you do that, this world would be barren.

  • Humanity is more important than the environment

    The Human environment is more important than the Environment for reasons of preventing poverty. Yes there can be chances of possible collateral damage from certain energy sources, that is the risk we take to ourselves. We also have as a people. I'd rather see a few lives lost, and the earth polluted, and trust me, she'll survive long after mankind is gone, then see something far worst then a nuclear disaster, which is very very very rare, and that is millions of people put into poverty, causing much more death, disease, demoralization ect ect. I care more about the welfare of the overall human being, than I do about the environment, the human beings welfare is more important then a trees.

  • Economy All The Way

    Money or plants when put in such simple terms it is obvious that most people would chose money. How does the environment really help you when trying to buy a home? It doesn't I know that it is a very selfish view to have but, the strength of an economy is more useful now, and in the future the environment will most likely suffer but we wont be here to witness that.

  • Without the environment, we have NOTHING!!!

    So what do you say? Yes we need the environment because everything in the history of the world created by humans came from the environment. Lets say the money in your wallet. Paper! This paper came from trees. So we need the environment just to have an economy. The computer that i'm typing on came from the environment and the computer your reading this post with as well. Even if your teacher printed this page out. IT CAME FROM TREES!!! Everything in daily life AKA what you need to survive did not come from the economy. It came from the environment. If the environment dies, so do we along with the economy. SOOOOOO no environment no economy.

  • The environment is more important than the economy.

    I believe that the environment is more important than the economy. While the economy is quite important, if the environment isn't well taken care of, the world as we know it, as well as the human race, could be gone in a number of decades. Sustainability is very important in securing the future of the planet.

  • Environment is da best man

    So cool, theres fish and stuff, lots of animals. There;s even some cool birds out there. Watch out for bears though, they eat people for lunch. I learned that the hard way. The economy doesn't matter at all because we could all just become wilderness explorers. I think Dora really knew what she was doing.

  • Living or being poor? Sustaining or dying?

    The environment supports all living systems, the economy is only some assistance in a successful life. Companies like Apple or Microsoft have the money to do almost whatever they want to. To donate millions of dollars to the poor and help support them. History has gotten more dangerous to the environment, but made our life as humans easier. Cars allow us to go over 20 times the speed of Lewis and Clark on their famous expedition. But the pollution that cars create impact the quality of all living things needs. Food, water, and oxygen. The poor may not have the new iPhone or even a toaster, but they can get the necessities from the little amounts of money they can find. They can breathe any time they want to, whenever and however they want to. Buy some inexpensive food and go to some donated lunches a few times a week. Drink some water every day. But the economy has changed all of this from what it used to be. Diarrhea is still a major risk ,because of natural causes, but chemicals made by humans (with money) can risk their health. The air has also been risked for everybody, especially the less fortunate. We can buy air filters, the people suffering can't. The air, and most other things, have all been risked. So protecting the environment can help everybody and is more essential than an outstanding economy.

    Posted by: OJCM
  • People cant grow money...

    People cant grow money but they do need an environment to have an economy. Without an economy we could even go back to what we did with trading. No money. Just trading and people can decide how much their belongings matter to them. Keep calm and save the environment! Bye!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Envornment is more important

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  • My opinion is enviormental

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  • Environment is more important

    Environment is more important since we would not be able to survive without this wonderful nature. The oxygen from the nature and every thing we need to consume daily are all from the nature starting from the beginning. It would be a pity if we destroy the nature because of the economic development.

  • The Importance of the Environment

    Our environment contains our resources and we need to keep our resources maintained so the human race can continue growing. I think most people would rather live in a world full of animals and trees and beauty than live in an urban area. The city can be beautiful too but if the entire world was filled with houses and big factories we wouldn't be living on this earth for much longer. Right now we are in the middle. We are balanced and we should keep it that way.

  • The economy is useless if were all dead!

    Poverty and environmental damage are often linked. If you think about it, using nonrenewable resources for energy just increase pollution and it is just a temporary solution. Those resources are bound to finish someday and when that does happen, there will be no economy or earth. Pollution is causing many deaths in the world and so if conserving the economy is so important for the peoples well being, why isn't their health equally as important?

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orostagni says2016-12-09T00:45:08.610
Growth and care for the environment are not necessarily mutually exclusive. Since our economy is consumer based, economic growth is achieved when people get even more stuff. If the majority of items consumers buy were not bad for the environment, such as gasoline, packaged food, disposable items, and instead promoted sustainable growth, such as compostable items, renewable energy, and energy efficient appliances, growth could be sustained and the environment could be cared for. Currently, growth and care for the environment are only mutually exclusive because of how our society functions.
marguerite17 says2016-12-09T15:03:27.803
Without a healthy environment, all economic growth is temporary. Ultimately, if the environment cannot provide resources, then it will be unable to support anything, much less any kind of economic growth. We need to invest in clean energy jobs that will conserve our environment, but also maintain our current standard of living, instead of continuing to rely on the definitively finite resource that is fossil fuel.