Which is more important: the means (yes) or the end (no)?

  • We all know the examples of Hitler and Gandhi who used different means and what was there ends.

    We are in a century where we are more in race to earn money then to be in peace and let and relax our mind.But still at the last moment of our life we wont be taking away the materialistic things which we earned but the deeds we did.And also every one has ups and highs where we need to keep our mind balanced,so mean is important.

  • It doesn't matter to a hungry man where he gets food, only that he gets fed.

    I believe that whether the means intend good or bad, the end is what's important. If I steal your television to feed my drug addiction, I am a thief. If I steal your television to sell it for money to pay for a medical procedure for my child that I cannot otherwise afford, I am still a thief, despite having stolen your television for a noble purpose. The end result in both cases is that I am a thief; the means to which I arrive there are irrelevant.

  • What about after you're gone?

    I agree that maintaining a peace of mind is important. After all, it's our accomplishments and actions that will leave a bigger mark through our memories after we're dead, than how much stuff we had.

    Having that said, it is precisely the impact our legacies have on others that matters most in the end. We need to take in account how our actions affect the people around us and do our best to make sure we didn't waste our time being alive (which is against more odds of actually have happened than you can imagine) by giving something back.

    So, given that we're around 7 billion and growing on this planet, the end should be more prioritized.

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karma-no-drama says2014-02-19T15:37:35.310
To say what you mean you will do what mean and so the end has no value. Where as if you mean what you say you will mean what you do and the means will have value in it's actions.

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