Which is more peaceful: animals (yes) or humans (no)?

Asked by: bahram
  • Animals are more peaceful

    Animals are defitinly more peaceful. No wars, religion. Canavories and selfish animals who kill for fun put down the animal kingdom. But they don't have no near as many imperfections as humans.

    Animals such as the monkey world are especially peaceful because they don't eat meat or harm unless they are apes. Life is beautiful as a animal except Homo sapiens in today's generation.

  • Animals are genetically more peaceful than humans because are still better adopted to life on the planet Earth.

    Genetic needs more often overcome logical thinking. Humans tend be terrorist for any logical reasons including religions, which should make the World more peaceful. Animals better control themselves in hazard situation. It means they are better genetically adopted to life conditions on the planet Earth. Jesus himself was pessimistic about humans, seeing end of the World in catastrophic ending and beginning of new Earth to get new start in the different way. Discovering in Technology helps to make peaceful life as well able to destroy it in fractions of seconds and now including the whole planet by terrorism.

  • Animals are more peaceful than humans

    We are the most destructive beings on this planet. We are like a virus attacking the earth. We are doing more and more damage, and it's escalating. You would think the smarter we get and the more we learn about how things work the more we would try to stop killing the planet. Instead, the smarter we get the more stupid we act. We are killing and poisoning every living thing on earth!

  • Humans are more peaceful

    Humans are more peaceful than animals because we are more capable of resolving disputes without violence than an animal of lesser intelligence. Animals and humans alike are prone to fighting, but if you consider animals' interactions with predators or prey, it seems to be less peaceful than that of humans and other creatures.

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