• Soccer is harder

    Soccer is much more physically demanding as you will run a lot more than in basketball. Injuries in soccer can be worse than injuries in basketball. Running full speed and getting kicked or legs tripped from underneath you and hitting the ground hurts pretty bad. My vote is soccer is harder

  • Soccer is more fun

    Come on guys we all know Soccer is way more physical I broke my ankle last year and my leg the other and if you touch someone in basketball it’s a foul in Soccer you slide tackle and might break something people have died from the sport so come on

  • Soccer better bc

    If you get touched in basketball it’s a foul and in soccer my brother broke his nose and stayed on the field I broke my leg twice and done my hamstring 5 times we don’t fake and you flop witch is worse so Soccer has way more contact so suck it up

  • Roy keane look him up

    Ok, all you people that say, "Basketball is harder and more physical" need to look up Roy Keane. Literally this is a main reason to the dangerousness of soccer. Not just that, in basketball all you may commonly get is a sprained ankle where as in soccer you can get concussions and occasionally a dislocation from falling and or a torn muscle. I play youth soccer and have already had 3 weeks break due to a muscle tear and concussion.

  • Soccer is more demanding.

    It is more demanding because running on the soccer field which is over 100,000 feet in area for 45 minutes is harder then basketball already.Also people can die on the field putting too much stress on themselves and get pushed past there physical limits.Basketball you can get injuries but not that bad.

  • Basketball is because

    You do a lot more thing then you do in soccer. You learn sports men ship and a lot of tecneccs. I also think basketball is a lot of fun. Plus if you ask a lot of my friend the would say basketball is a lot better then soccer. That's what I think.

  • Soccer is not even close

    In soccer player will fake an injury and start crying like little babies. Also, many players are standing still at once if not they're walking. In basketball you have to be aware at all times. Basketball is back and forth every second and you're sprinting back and forth on the court every second because how fast basketball is

  • Soccer is more physically demanding

    I have played both sports, and I believe that soccer is more physically demanding than basketball. In soccer, you have to run a ton, since I am a midfielder, I can run up to 9 miles a game, and you don't get as many breaks. It is a fast-paced game, and requires a great amount of endurance. And while it is true that soccer players flop, don't basketball players do the same thing? Try telling me that you haven't seen Lebron flop during a basketball game. While both are physically difficult, I believe that soccer is more difficult because it requires endurance, speed, skill, and other necessities.

  • Football is better

    You need to work hard and their is more money in it and viewers on an interational level. Basketball can get boring because everyone seems to be capable of doing what the best players can do. They can all dunk and shoot 3s.Football messi and ronaldo can do things no one else can do and play diiferent styles

  • Soccer is more physical

    In my age the kids are strong physical and will go in hard at you if they have to take you down that will at my school basketball is more popular theirs a girl who's on the national team at my school and and theirs a few that love soccer but soccer is mor physical

  • Y'all immigrants need to listen up

    I'v been playing basketball since the summer of 49, After i got home from the Korean war, i joined the senior citizens team. I scored 4 whole points during my career as a basketball professional. I had a triple double one game and a double triple another game. I'm so old that my legs dont work anymore from playing so much basketball, and to prove this, my social security number is 385 90 8265. Luckily its alotta numbers so no one would ever be able to guess what it is. My information is protected for eternity. We use to play basketball

  • Basketball defence is harder.

    In basketball you cannot slack off at all. It is a two way game and you need to be always aware of where your man is and where other players are. You are on your man at all times much closer than in soccer. Also the need for sprinting for many minutes is the same for all players, the goalie does not need to run up and down the field.

  • Soccer fakes injury !!!

    In basket ball you break your leg you stay out there in soccer you get sneezed at you drop to the floor basketball is more physical than soccer also one time I saw a guy faked aunt injury and a few minut Es later he was back on the field

  • Basketball is more physical than football

    Basketball is clearly more physical than soccer, it's true that in soccer you run a longer distance but think about it in basketball you have 10 players on the court, and you have to run back to the other side of the court and back again. You also have to do other things like shooting, defense, running, dribbling and jumping. Injuries in basketball is worse than soccer because if you've been running and stopping every time and running again your ankles get painful, when dunking you might injure your self, defense is tougher and the people might hit you in the middle of the game (painfully), yeah it's a foul and i'm not talking about Streetball the referee might not notice or it might have been an accident and you might break a bone. Last thing it's also more tiring because u hardly get a break their are only 5 players, unlike in football you got a defender and a striker at the other side of the field, while in basketball everyone is envlove and all the things i said before about the shooting and jumpin. PERIOD basketball is better and more physicalthan football. But it's just mine and a million other people who actually have played the sport properly.

  • Basketball is far more physical than soccer.

    There are 10 basketball players crammed onto a court and often you will get more than, or 3 hands slapping at the ball at the same time. It's already been proven that basketball is more tiring, as players need to jump and run every time there is a fast break.

  • Basketball is harder--

    I've played both sports. For soccer not every player is going to run the same depending on position. For instance, a striker mostly stay upfront trying to stay onside whilst defenders stay back. The midfielders and the overlapping full backs do most the running,

    Basketball is harder because the defensive position is crouched so imagine running in a squat type position compared to running with your chest up looking down at the ball and glancing to see where your team mates are. Soccer sometimes you don't have to run and wait till the ball ends in your position.

    Compare professional athletes like Lebron James vs Ronaldo...

  • Basketball Injuries Are As Bad As Soccer Injuries

    Watch Andrew Bogut break his arm. Basketball has more contact because it is meant to have contact, in soccer you basically can't touch the other team however in basketball setting screens and taking charges is part of the game, sure soccer is physical and tiring but basketball is more demanding with stop, start, stop, start. When you are on the court you never have a moment to rest.

  • Soccer doesn’t have much real injuries it’s mainly diving

    Soccer is more of a sport for divers. You always see soccer players lying on the ground acting as if they have been shot is the leg or something. In basketball players never have to fake their injuries and they actually get injured unlike soccer players. I have to admit though, they are pretty committed to faking injuries (diving)

  • Soccer is way better and more physical

    In soccer you have to run at least 4 more miles than in basketball. Even though some of you think that basketball is harder because you have to run back and forth a lot more you are wrong because a soccer field is more than three times the size of a basketball court. In basketball you can barely even touch someone without it being a foul, while in soccer you can break somebodies leg without it being a foul. You are allowed to shove people on the ground. Basketball is a game for babies who are to afraid to get hurt and who want to play the easier option...... Basketball. Soccer is clearly better for all these reasons. Basketball has a bunch of breaks, while soccer gets one break. Soccer games are longer than basketball games. You can say people fake injuries in soccer, because it is true. But the same can be said about basketball. Soccer has real injuries that are career ending.
    You have to work as a team better. Soccer is definately better. There is a reason billions of people watch the world cup every year, and the NBA finals is stuck in the millions. Sorry...... It is the truth so everyone might as well just accept it.

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