Which is the better city to live in in Australia: Sydney (yes) or Melbourne (no)?

Asked by: bothsidesguy
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  • Melbourne is slower pace and quieter

    Melbourne is the place to live, Sydney is the place to travel. With beaches and seafood, the place to visit is Sydney. The place to live is Melbourne. Melbourne is slower than Sydney and more cultural and artsy than Sydney. With good food and more entertainment, and traffic is better in Melbourne, because it was originally intended to be a city, whereas Sydney was originally built as a prison for exiled peoples from Britain. Sydney's beaches make it better to visit. Melbourne is no doubt the better place to live.

  • No, it's more fun in Melbournce.

    No, Melbourne is a better city to live in, because it is more fun. There is a great deal of culture in Melbourne, and the city is very laid back. The city is historic, and the people are kind and friendly. There is a lot of shopping, and it is close to a lot of natural landmarks. It is more interesting than Sydney and there is more to do.

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