Which is the better getaway city to take your date to: Rome (yes) or Paris (no)?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Without a doubt

    I haven't been to either of them, but since I live in England I feel like I could go to Paris anytime. Rome is much more historic and exotic- plus Italian food is my all-time favourite. Being a vegetarian, there wouldn't be much choice for me in Paris! Having said that, I wouldn't turn my nose up at a trip to Paris- I'd just prefer to go to Rome.

  • Rome or Paris ???!!!!

    It's really hard to say. Rome is full of tourist attractions and if you're looking for a date that has quality time and don't really care about fancy, I'd choose Rome. You can walk around the streets in Rome, like the small roads near the Trevi Fountain and adventure a little. You can look around and then go into a restaurant that pleases your eyes because you'll never find franchise on those streets when you feel hungry. Just a camera in hand to capture the moments and money for souvenirs and delicious snacks/meals :)
    I haven't lived in Paris, I've only gone there once, but I imagine more of a quiet and romantic idea like everyone else have about Paris. It's a lovely place too <3 Miss Europe!

  • Rome is seems better!

    I feel like Paris is too out rated and not as much to see. Rome has more of a historic background and seems more romantic to me. For example, in Rome you can visit other places and in Paris the Eiffel tower seems like the one hit spot. I think Rome is better and would definitely want to go there as a date.

  • I'm torn but Paris

    The reason being there is that romantic quality about it. All the hotels I can take my girl too. The nice romantic meals her friend would cook for us (since one of her girlfriends would usually go with her). It's just a lovely kinda city. Rome is lovely, but Paris has something.

  • Paris is the way!

    Paris is such an alluring place to visit. Whether you are strolling down the Champs-Élysées or touring museums, you will have a joyous vacation. When in Paris you are surrounded by the French culture and historic architecture. Quaint cafes line the streets and bakeries sit on every corner. Paris is a perfect place to indulge yourself in the European food, culture and history.

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