Which Is The Better "Survival" Game? Yes For Don't Starve, No For... -Sigh- Mine...Craft...

  • Emphasis On Survival.

    ( Vanilla Aspect ) No matter what angle you choose to observe it and play it, Don't Starve is a survival game in its purest form. Brutal. Unforgiving. Orgasmic. While the beauty of the game's art style is a matter of opinion, I personally feel that it goes perfectly with the survival genre, adding the subtle tone of hopelessness with depressing and macabre elements. Don't Starve never holds your hand in the style that a proper survival game experience should be executed. Survive... Die. Learn. Survive... Die, Learn! The instant you die without some effigy or touch stone to save you, your entire world is erased. All that hard work and... For nothing. Right? Well, you gain knowledge and and learn to adapt next time that situation arises. With a crafting system that introduces magic elements, it adds some depth an flavor to the game. However, the difficulty of the game will turn many away. The crafting system is a bit lacking but very rewarding and interesting. Once again, survival. Now, let us peer into the realm of Minecraft. The games tutorial (which Don't Starve Lacks, which is part of the appeal ) hand holds you, teaching you the basics of surviving and not letting you feel as though you have truly learned anything new from surviving off of tips and not your own need to explore. Minecraft's enemies and environments seem to lack personality ( once again, somewhat of an opinion based debate, such is the nature of humans ) as you fight... Spiders... Skeletons... Zombies...? The art style also seems to lack, going with a retro feel that, while nostalgic, leaves the player wanting more. There is little to do in the vanilla game, as most of the enjoyment comes from the community, however, this is emphasis on vanilla survival after all. Minecraft is not a survival game, more so, it is a game or not adapting, but forming your own world, it is a game based around creativity and is a game formed by the novelty of invention. Minecraft fails as a vanilla survival game, and should dub the title, landscaping. Once again, both of these are world of apart, and the games appeal to different people and have unique impacts. Please refrain from - Using awards as the basis of your arguments, plainly saying "Don't starve Sucks So Minecraft Is Better, Etc., Making Opinion Based Claims. Don't fanboy rage etc. Be polite, a debate is not an argument, but a conversation. Do not be powered by anger. Thank you.

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gabep says2015-07-13T06:23:19.973
The bias is real.