Which is worse for society, drug prohibition or drug use?

Asked by: pozessed
  • Drug Prohibition and even if drug use was worse prohibition doesn't prevent it

    Even if drug use was worse prohibition doesn't prevent drug use. We even have drugs smuggled into prisons. Some people who didn't use before start while in prison. Prohibition does NOTHING to stop people from using drugs. Hardened criminals who find it hard to get ahead in life due to a criminal record aren't going to be inclined to stay sober when their chance of making something great out of themselves is low due to their record.

    By merging the drug world and the criminal world people who do drugs are more likely to make the leap in thought from "I'm doing drugs that's illegal, so I might as well ignore the law on other things too." People who would otherwise care to stay on the right side of the law may become open to committing violent crimes.

    And there is substantial collateral damage. A nun and a little girl were once shot down over S. America because they were mistaken for drug runners. Innocent people even children have been shot and killed in botched drug raids often on the wrong house. People have died from the contamination from former meth labs they didn't know about, and that wouldn't have happened if meth was legal and only factory-produced.

    Drug prohibition doesn't just hurt drug users, it hurts nonusers as well. The solution to drug abuse is not prohibition, it is education. Tobacco is legal but usage has greatly decreased due to education. If tobacco was illegal there would be turf wars over it, and all other manner of horror associated with prohibition.

  • I guess this is the anti prohibition side.

    First. I didn't mean to make this question, I hit cancel. It's started now though....

    I vote for anti prohibition at this moment. I'm on the fence. I am concerned with women who may be pregnant and using. I am also concerned with the possible drug related medical needs related with drug abuse. Also parents who abuse drugs.

    I still think regulation is needed, enough to keep a minimal black market, but strict enough to deter mass use.

  • Drug prohibition is far worse than drug use.

    There are three main reasons why prohibition must end: it has failed to stop the use of drugs our government has deemed harmful; it has opened up many more opportunities for corruption among law enforcement agencies; it has caused turmoil and terror in other countries that grow crops that are on the United State's illegal drugs list.

    Even the old adage that drugs cause crime is being questioned. A report to the Parliament of Canada prepared by Lyne Casavant and Chantal Collin, ILLEGAL DRUG USE AND CRIME: A COMPLEX RELATIONSHIP presents a convincing argument that environment and other circumstances may have more to do with crime than drug use.

    There yet another compelling reason to surrender in the war on drugs - money. Just think how much more useful it would be to put all the billions of dollars we are spending on drug enforcement and prisons and use it for health care instead.

    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. This war has been ongoing for 40 years now. When do you think it is time to stop?

  • Well I guess that the other side won

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