Which is worse -- genocide (yes) or oppression (no)?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Genocide is much worse.

    Genocide is much worse than oppression. Genocide is a mass slaughter of religious or ethnic groups. It is extremely disgusting and oppressions are bad as well but at least it is not a mass slaughter. Genocides are worse by far and should never occur but unfortunately they still occur today.

  • Genocide is intolerable

    As crimes go, genocide has to be the most intolerable. There are countries that have been oppressed for so long, that it really is no longer considered in their minds to be oppression. They have known nothing else. Oppressed people can at least live out their lives. Victims of genocide are not given that chance.

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Adam2 says2013-10-03T18:07:21.313
Don't answer this opinion question. I made a mistake posting this.
Adam2 says2013-10-03T18:07:29.923
Forgot this was yes and no.
Adam2 says2013-10-03T18:07:33.863
Don't regard it