Which is worse: sexism against men(yes) or women(no)

Asked by: donkal
  • Misandry is everywhere - and men just suck it up

    All society caters to women. If you don't get that, go and try to leave a family court with your sanity intact. Or try to make a funny joke at work without being hauled to the boss's office. It's all women's fault men are facing all this oppression. FU ladies

  • Systematically its worse.

    Systematically women have tons of advantages over men. Custody courts favor us over men, we are allowed to get abortions against the will of the father, we have affirmative action, sexism against us is not ignored and we are not blamed for everything sex related(unless we're white). Men have advantages but not as many as women.

  • The double standards against men are outrageous.

    1. When a woman get's raped she's a victim. When a man gets raped, he must be gay. Obviously a man always wants it right?
    2. Women are favored in both civil and criminal courts. They get lesser sentences for the same crimes and they are favored in divorces and settlements.
    3. Women have reproductive rights while men do not.
    4. It's OK to objectify men in the media, but when it happens to women it's unhealthy and sexist.
    5. Affirmative action. In the US there are regulations in place to make it easier for women to go to college, get scholarships, and find employment.
    6. If a woman hits a man, nobody cares, people actually laugh and consider it empowering. If a man hits a woman it's domestic abuse.
    7. If women like to be with children they're called caring. If men like to be with children they are accused of being a pedophile.
    8. If a female does typically male things then she's a tomboy and nobody cares. If a male does typically female things then there must be something wrong with him.
    9. If a male shows emotion he's called weak. If a woman shows emotion she gets social support.
    10. Men are expected to support their families more than women, and men are expected to pay for their dates when they go out. But if men get higher wages than women it's sexism.

  • Feminism is Acknowledged

    Nobody actually knows who faces more discrimination. But what is undeniable is that feminism is popular culture, even though they say the worst things like "Kill All Men" to name just one, while issues men face are ignored and even celebrated. More men than women in STEM? SEXIST! More women than men in teaching? Perfectly fine! Men in jail more for the same crime? That's OK! Women make less because they major in gender studies? SEXISM! END THE PAY GAP (it doesn't even exist). Maybe Women face worse oppression, but at least stuff is being done to end it. When men are oppressed, nobody cares.

  • Reverse gender discrimination is rampant.

    I was the victim of reverse gender discrimination, Bias and prejudice countless times over the course of 26 years of being an administrative assistant. The last time was the final straw. I left my job after 9. 5 years after the new millenial woman "supervisor, " whom I and other senior admin trained from scratch, Turned into a total dictator. She was an over-micromanaging psychopath from hell who undermined me and other employees continually--and was given free reign to do so because she was a woman. Women are very biased against men in hiring practices and the statistics show that.

  • Circumcision and rape culture

    I'm tempted to say, I rest my case. But here goes anyway: People complain about rape culture, and yes, widespread systemic misogyny up to and including rape culture is a very real problem. But what does "rape culture" structurally boil down to, if not a widespread ignorance about the concept of consent and respect for other people's rights and will about their own body? Well, self-proclaimed feminists should be able to put one and one together and ask themselves: How can you plausibly expect men to intuitively understand the concept of consent when most of these men's very first experience in life was to have their own bodies violated and permanently altered?

  • Men are treated and generalized by feminists all the time

    I've meet too many women who say all men are dogs and all they want is sex. It seems that nowadays, men are more generalized and harrassed than women are. Modern day feminism is ruining the general reationship between genders. It makes all women look crazy and desperate. A lot of discrimination is by women who are mad at the opposite gender because they can't get a date.

  • More Double Standards Against Men than Women

    Lets face it, in today's world woman have the upper hand as far as perception is considered. The only thing a woman has to worry about is not being an easy sex target. Men on the other hand get short handed in the court rooms when it comes to possession of things (divorce, child support, alimony, etc). If a man yells rape he gets looked down upon instead of being a victim. If a man hits a woman it is automatically assumed its domestic abuse, when in fact more woman do start fights with men and threaten them or the people or property around them. Men also have to work on a woman trusting them relationship wise. It is perceived that a woman doesn't need to solidify trust in a man , men are to assume the best qualities in a woman with no validation, and not fault her for her past.

  • Because i am one

    To me as a man it is worse but to other people it is different. It feels horrible to be discriminated against but if i was a woman i would say sexism against a woman is worse.Sf g 0 9 d c g p 0 d mtkgsrc hjdxhngtv fdzj,gnrydh fhxdufgfgj gfjggjjvcnb gdjfgn

  • This just looks like a poll of the gender ratio on this site..

    If the question is "which is ethically worse" then they're just as bad. Maybe "sexism against men" is a little bit better, just because "sexism against women" seems to be the status quo.

    If the question is "what is worse in the wold", then it's pretty obvious it's sexism against women. Just look at the world. The only place you can even begin to fabricate the terrible argument that men are more discriminated against is in the western world. And even here, where men have it worse in some things, our culture is saturated in misogyny.

  • Neither is tolerable

    We should work to eliminate both, but right now sexism against women is far worse. Just look at countless other countries like Saudi Arabia or Iran where women have almost no political power. In other countries female rape victims are punished for the crime, and in countless others, society treats them as inferior where law does not.

  • Both are Bad- But the Law was On Man's side

    Though sexism now exists towards man just as much as it does towards women, us ladies had it a lot worse than you men will ever have it. Sure, most of the time women win custody battles, but have you forgotten who has had the baby and had to go through 9 months of pregnancy? (Not saying that these cases were all right, but the integrity of the court is another matter) Before feminism was a thing (Yes, at one time feminism was actually a good movement that strove for the equality of women, not the messed up platform that it is today) women were oppressed. They were not allowed to vote, and not even considered citizens or allowed to own land. They were not allowed to get a job, and were shunned even when these laws changed. We have overcome that, but sexism will still exist towards both genders because there will always be people like that out there.

  • The REAL problems lie with sexism against women

    Sexism and double standards exist against both sexes but the biggest issues are faced by women. Most of the "sexism" men complain about is to do with double standards concerning their masculinity. Get over it. Women were oppressed for thousands of years, and still are in lots of countries. Women are harassed by men every single day, and face actual, blatant sexism, but you claim that the double standards held against men is worse than that? Ridiculous.

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ChristopherCaldwell says2016-01-03T19:22:07.773
They are both equal.