Which is worse: Slavery (yes) or the Holocaust (no)?

Asked by: Bruinshockeyfan
  • As an African American young girl I believe slavery was unjust

    There is no way to support someone treating another race inferior. And still as it stands in 2013 there still is prejudice towards the African American race. All starting with slavery. Yes, I know "kings" in Africa sold people of their country to white merchants in trade for things such as salt. But to make these people do cruel jobs for little or no pay is completely absurd. NO way to make an excuse for this. If you want something on your plantation done do it yourself. They also did this because they knew there were none of their families in America. So nobody would try to help them. And most Africans were immune to African diseases. Meaning they were basically the perfect source for these cruel people.

  • Slavery was much worse.

    The holocaust had no real impact. Slavery had a huge impact because we were taking slaves from africa and all over the place and bringing them back here. Slavery was a ridiculouse thing because we had to judge people on the skin color. They are as equal as us. Slavery is worse

  • Yes, Slavery is A bit worse than the Holocaust

    Although what happened to the Jews was horrible and they were killed in countless numbers, I presonally would rather die than undergo the torture, rape, whippings, separation of family, getting limbs cut off, being shot and forced to live, the list goes on. Slavery was worse than the holocaust because they were forced to live and work in a country that hated them. The Jews only had to face a country that hated them for a short time before they were sentenced to death and freed from their confinement. Both are sad and unjust and I hope neither happens ever again in the future.

  • SLAVERY for sure! Although the Holocaust is STILL HAPPENING, just under another name!

    When looking at the subject objectively, it's clear that Slavery is worse simply because Slavery is "lifelong" where as the WW2 Holocaust lasted from 1934-1944, ergo 10 yrs. Slavery still happens in some part of our world, however it's not seen by the media inspite of our technical capabilities. THE HOLOCAUST is another Story in itself. Do we associate the Hollocaust MERELY in conjunction with the word Jew and Hitler or do we look at the words real spiritual meaning...

    HOLOCAUST has merely changed its face of "maschinary", how many people are being "killed silently thru medication"? Killed in Senior Citzens Homes because of mistreatment? Killed in psychiatric wards due to overdose of Pharmaceuticals? How many countries are invaded and INNOCENT people (Civilians) killed because some President decided that it's time for that country to change? How many people are being ....Unknowingly being ..... "misused as Ginny pigs, lab rats for the Pharmaindustry" only to test the effects of inoculations, or medications". ...

  • Holocaust was bad, slavery was worse.

    Six million people died in the Holocaust. How many died in slavery? We will never know. We do know though at the same time all the world's continents were experiencing population growth, Africa remained flat. That means enough people were taken out to cancel out the natural growth rate. Also, some slave ships sank, some slaves drowned themselves, some killed the whites and sank on the way back to Africa. The death toll is unknown. The total number of humans taken is unknown.

    In slavery, children were sold apart from their parents. Multiple tortuous methods of punishment (far worse than waterboarding) were enacted on slaves for even the most minor infractions. Master routinely raped slave women: where do you think light-skinned black people came from? No one in Africa had any idea of what was going to happen to these people that were about to leave never to see their homeland again. We are not even sure of when the trans-Atlantic (by far the most referenced slave trade) began, nor can we say for certain when it ended. It ended in 1865 in the United States, but 1888 in Brazil and the Dutch holdings. Assuming a start date of 1619, that is at least two centuries of slavery. The Holocaust was much shorter and more concentrated. There was also a method to escape. Slavery was over a longer duration and was passed down the family lines. Slavery led directly to the Civil War (the south's economy was based on slave labor, thus ultimately slavery is the root cause of the Civil War), Jim Crow, Brown v. Board of Education, Watts Riots, LA Riots, Rodney King, Trayvon Martin and every racial problem that has affect the United States (and most western nations).

    The numerical toll of slavery is astronomical. Consider this: less than 20% of slaves came to British North America (what would be the US and Canada), and now there are more than 40 million blacks, descendants of slaves, in the US alone. Brazil alone has more than 100 million. Brazil has the highest number of black people outside of Africa! We still deal with the legacy of slavery to this day and even Einstein said racism was the US's greatest ill. That racism came directly from slavery.

  • Slavery is way wose people open your eyes

    Imagine your at your family table and a group of people take you away and put you on a dirty boat with no food/water. Then they beat you and torture you and change your identity. You never see your family again and your raped and whipped. Your sent to a master who tells you to work on the boiling hot sun with almost no breaks and no proper home, just a grasslike house. If you do anything wrong, you might get shot, raped, hanged, or whipped. They basically worked you till death, or let you die. I know both are horrible but this lasted for FAR LONGER and still exists to this day, and people treat it like its nothing. African Americans were discriminated because of skin color. To me that is sick. They are people, but were treated like animals

  • I am picking

    This option because I am mixed race myself, but I do not really have a particular view. I have only picked an option in order to share my opinion - this being that neither of the two was worse. Or, to turn it around, they were both as bad as each other.
    The death toll was about the same; slavery went on for longer, but the holocaust killed more people more quickly. The holocaust was led by one person, whereas slavery was led by some people's greed for money and 'finery'. Both were awful - let's learn from that.

  • The holocaust was bad but slavery still goes on today

    The holocaust resulted in a great number of deaths but today there are still people who are denied their freedom and are forced to work under dehumanizing conditions. Today there are more people enslaved than at any other point in time, about 21-30 million people while on the other hand about 11 million people were killed by the holocaust. Whats even worst is that today the value of a slave isn't much one's life seems to be less expensive than some designer shoes and clothes.

  • Live free or die.

    Well, for me it is actually as simple as personal ideology. I believe that being directly forced to do something, with no benefit to yourself is much worse than even painful death.

    Besides, slavery has been a problem since before antiquity, and continues to be a problem today. No matter how many people died in the holocaust, no more are being killed.
    At the same time, slavery in Africa, and Asia and other parts of the world continues to kill thousands upon thousands of people every year.

    In short: The holocaust is done, and there is nothing we can do about it but feel sorry, while slavery is an active problem which needs solving, therefore it is worse.

  • Nothing good came from slavery

    The holocust was a horrible event and in technical terms it could be a extreme case of slavery. American slavery continued into Rascism Nearly Hundered Years later. And lead to later Civil Riots. During the Holocaust not just the jewish community was hurt but the Homosexual,Johvas witnesses, And even Poles French Russian Czech People war also hurt but in Slvaery it focused on Darkskinned people to live in Torture for there lives and die of punishment and desies. If a "Negro" went to the North they were Tortured and some times killed.

  • Absolutely, Slavery was bad. The Holocaust was much worse.

    Many Americans only hear a partial history about slavery and that's why I believe the Holocaust was much worse.

    I blame Africans for slavery, not Europeans. Africans attacked European colonies and forced anywhere from 1-1.5 million White Europeans into slavery. Then African tribes would attack and enslave another tribe and sell them to Europeans. Europeans only bought them after they were slaves. I do agree that slaves were not always treated fairly, but many of them were. Slavery is not only a white problem; Native Americans, Africans, Latins all owned slaves. Whites were the first to propose an end to slavery.
    In contrast, the Holocaust good people were forced and killed for no reason. 11 million, 6 million were Jews people died during the Holocaust. Just by sheer numbers the Holocaust was worse.

  • Both its defiantly the holocaust

    I think the holocaust was worse because people were being directly killed. Slavery was forcing people to work but not directly killing them. The nazis also killed far more people in the holocaust then there were slaves killed. Slavery was treating humans like animals while the holocaust was mass murder.

  • Holocaust is worse

    Slavery can be prevented and is childs-play compared to the holocaust. In slavery, you are forced to work and do "other things" should the situation be rely bad but in the holocaust, you are there for the sole purpose of being tortured and eliminated in the most inhumane way possible.

  • Wow people. Are you serious?

    2.5 million african americans died because of slavery. 11 million people died in the holocaust. It wasnt just jews, it was homosexuals, people with disabilities, ect. Yes racism is still going on towards blacks, but its also happening to jews. People were raped, tortured, beaten, starved, hanged, burned and shot in the holocaust. Same as the african americans. It was just 10x worse with the holocaust. Both are awful.

  • Slavery wasn't all that bad

    Slavery wasn't all that bad due to the fact it started as a way to pay off debt, and even the Christian God himself supported slavery. But the Holocaust was an atrocity, people were executed for no reason at all. It's clear the Holocaust. The real question here is which was worse, The American Eugenics movement or the Holocaust. In that case the American Eugenics was far worse than the Holocaust. We didn't just kill one race (jews), we wiped out whole countries e.G, the Philippines, the island of Guam parts of Central America. We also put whites who were from Ireland, Scotland, Italy, blacks Asians into concentration camps. If you wasn't a WASP (white anglo- saxon protestant) you were either killed or placed in camps or sent back to original country. I'll say during that movement in the late 1800's and early 1900's we killed about 5 times more people than the Holocaust

  • Slavery-Oppression Holocaust- Persecution

    Slavery was a cruel disregard and oppression towards human beings throughout history, but that oppression pales in comparison to the abominable persecution of Jewish people during the Holocaust. I would rather have been a slave my entire life; enduring punishment, labor and the possibility of death than have been a Jew for one year during that evil span of our history. What makes the Holocaust so much more awful than slavery is the intent behind it. Slavery was exploitation and disregard of a people-(ignorance) While the Holocaust was pure hate bent on eradicating a race of people from the earth in the the most cruel way we could have imagined. I implore you all to research more carefully these two injustice's.

  • Question Is Unclear/Vague/Too Broad

    Slavery in the sense of "from the dawn of time" is huge, whereas the Holocaust is a brief point in time.(Not trying to downplay it in any way)
    My stance: Slavery is the clearly the worst.

    On The Other Hand: If the question meant Slavery in the United States, then my stance would be The Holocaust
    The Holocaust was the intention of wiping out an entire race from the face of the Earth, in this instance the Jews. (Genocide)
    Slavery in the U.S. was mainly the intention of using Human Beings as a workforce for economic means/making money.(still morally wrong)

    Any remaining institutions/sentiments or racist prejudices is another debate and just another testament to the cruelty of Humans against each other. People are cruel for a myriad of reasons: religions, regional differences, ethnic backgrounds, and some people are just plain cruel/evil.
    To quote Shanice_Maria: "Both were awful - let's learn from that."

    Food For Thought/Semi-random Fact:
    The word slave comes from the ethnic group in Europe known as Slavs. (for the English language)

  • Holocaust used Jews as Slaves

    Besides Nazi Germany's ruthless killing of Jews, Gypsies, Poles, Czechs, Russians, POWs, Jesuit priests, communists, political prisoners and Africans, the not-immediately-killed prisoners were used as slave labor supporting the German war effort. While the Holocaust (6-7 million dead) wasn't as bad as later massacres such as the Holodomor (11-13 million dead), it was much worse in every objective category than slavery. Asking this question is pointless since in the Holocaust entire peoples were used as slaves.

  • Arguing who lost the most lives is moronic

    The Holocaust was not as simple as the color of your skin it was in regards to your religion. Slavery was abolished over 100 years ago, I'm sorry you still feel apreast but you don't see Polish jews asking for any special things and they began their oppression (Thats death) in 1933, it ended after WW2. Slavery was abolished in 1865. I was turned down for social security fighting for our values as an American was that fair? Well you will never know my story but Im proud to be an American and I don't agree with Slavery but you know whats worse is 1. Get over slavery its older than the Cubs last World Series 2. Why compare them? Get over it if you don't we will never progress.

  • Slavery Vs Holocaust

    I've learned about both the Holocaust and slavery. I believe that both are equally wrong, but I would have to say that the holocaust was worse because of them being relocated then executed or left there to die. Slaves were sold off as a way to put them to work because they were considered valuable in a way, while the Jews weren't. The slaves had food, shelter and were paid (not much but still paid). They also did get to see their families again, if they were lucky, unlike the holocaust. So even though they're both equally wrong, I will stick with my opinion on it being slightly worse than slavery. However, everyone does look at things differently so I can see where you're coming from if you say that slavery is worse.

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GamnQ says2013-11-25T05:36:54.323
I hate how most people don't realize that slavery isn't something that's exclusive to the pre-civil war USA.
The Ancient Greeks owned slaves, so did the Ancient Egyptians, so did the Romans, not to mention countless societies in the middle-east, Asia and Europe.
Slavery has been around for AT LEAST six thousand years.

Please, people, know what you're talking about and stop being so US-centric
Haxis288 says2013-11-27T05:48:44.597
The Holocaust was slavery
Eqcuis says2016-07-08T08:00:19.497
What the hell? Why are you comparing two horrible things together as if there's competition? This is sad.
Justinjules says2018-07-10T20:04:54.447
Slavery had more death toll and long term suffering. Slavery was dehumanisation of another human being. Holocaust was just murder, which is no differ5 to war or killing your enemy. The jews were still seen as humans unlike the dehumanisation of a fellow human.
Ask a someone which is worse to be kidnapped a d raped mercilessly against your will and live to relive the memories (with you rapist still alive) or to be killed in an instant Tough one.