• Rape is by far worse

    I believe rape is by far worse than murder. I don't think surviving rape is a a reason that it's not worse because majority of rape victims end up committing suicide. The ones that don't commit suicide, struggle with that memory imprinted in their minds. If I had to pick between being raped or murdered, I'd say murdered because at least I wouldn't be scarred for the rest of my life having that emotional and mental pain scarring me until i die driving me to being socially paranoid and developing suicidal tendencies. Many don't "live to see another day". Rape dehumanizes you and when you end up dehumanized, it's hard and feels nearly impossible to regain that sense of humanity; to no longer feel humiliated, disgusting and foul. In prisons, if a prisoner finds out you're a rapist, you will get your face smashed into the ground and possibly beaten or killed until death. There are many many accounts of murderers and inmates killing rapists and molesters in prisons. This is just my opinion and I don't really expect everybody to agree.

    Http://www.Tcpalm.Com/news/2010/jan/29/martin-inmate-cellmate-needed-be-killed-videos/ (just one example of a murderer killing rapist)

  • I believe rape is worse because as a survivor myself, I wish the man that did it would've killed me, the pain would be gone.

    It was forced acquaintance rape and I have so much trouble trusting anybody anymore. I haven't slept in two months and if I do I wake up screaming. I have such bad flashbacks that I freeze and end up crying and I am terrified everyday that I go to school that I will run into him. I wish he would have killed me. I wouldn't have to live with the pain and suffering that I do now. He stole part of me that day, but what I wish he had stolen was my life.

  • I agree with dathc

    It's much more painfully if you have to live your life in a swamp of mental trauma than being killed instantly.Because that was rape almost always subsequently cause to the victim.In many incidents victim are five-times more likely to self-mutilated and suicide due to this abuse. Also i can say also that rape can cause death to victim sometimes but it's depend on how much force the man inserted his penis inside female vagina. If penetration is forcefully penetrated,or an unnatural object is inserted then it's more likely to cause bleeding and laceration around area of female genital. So in my opinion rape is one of the worse form of abuse . Survivors has to undergone all this through their life and many of them cannot settled with living an normal and happy live.When you're murdered at least it's over and you're dead so you don't have to repeatedly flashback all the bad memories event that traumatized you until yet. So what dathc said,he is right.Rapist should be executed in the most brutal way.I suggest them to be killed in electrocuted because that's most painful death ever.

  • Murder is worse

    Being murdered is the equivalent of having everything in your life stolen from you, not just every possession, but every single moment that you would've experienced is gone. You'll never have the opportunity to do anything ever again, because your dead, you'll never get to hug your kids or your spouse or make new freinds or mourn old ones, because your dead. Rape is by far one of the worst things you can do to a person, but I think murderis worse.

  • Rape is worse

    I would much rather die than be raped and lose all of my dignity and be scarred for life. I'm terrified of being raped and whenever I hear about it or see it in a film I feel physically sick. It's the worst thing I can think of seriously :/

  • While most people have motives for murder, rape is something that should never happen in the first place.

    While it is bad to take away somebody's life (for reasons other than self-defense, defense of others, or to prevent someone from raping/murdering again), it is much worse to violate someone against their will. Plus, I'd also like to point out that no one ever rapes in self defense.

    I know murderers often murder for greed, jealousy, and revenge (some of which I believe is justified), but let's say a murderer, even a cold-blooded murderer, was targeting someone who raped someone close to him/her. The government may label that person as a murderer, but to me, that just means there's few rapists to worry about. Most people say that murder is worse because it's an end, but I believe that being violated and stuck with horrifying memories for the rest of your life is suffering and a fate worse than death. Plus, some rape victims sadly even commit suicide.

    Rape, on the other hand, has no justification whatsoever. No one deserves to be raped..Ever. Just because there are recovery opportunities doesn't make rape any better than murder. The victim may inevitably have to suffer not just from rape, but from statements that perpetuate a victim blaming culture. Plus, women can get shamed for getting abortions. Some people can say "It's not the baby's fault!", but NO WOMAN should have to suffer MONTHS OF DISCOMFORT for a baby that she doesn't even want.

    To wish death on someone is one thing, but I would never wish rape on anyone.

  • Rape is worse

    Rape is worse than murder. I personally know rape vicitms who can not get past it no matter how hard they try. I know they would rather die before experiencing that horrible violation again. A lot of these arguments are of people who have not been raped, so they don't understand the damage it causes. It's easy to say "rape is bad but they can get over it" when you are thinking from a non-violated mind.

  • Would you rather experience intense pain, or be incapable of feeling sensations?

    The arguments for murder being worse tend to be that it ends sensation, thought, and feeling. Yes, but death ends pain. I'd argue that the assumption that life is inherently valuable is a deeply ingrained social assumption that should be consciously examined and evaluated. Rather than speculating upon the best case scenarios a rape survivor could possibly have, perhaps what we need to do is focus upon the suffering of both situations, as they are experienced by a victim, and evaluate which is more painful.
    The majority of deaths are quick. Most deaths, annually, are natural. For a natural death, it might take a few seconds, or it could take days for the person to die, (however, such dramatically drawn out deaths will tend to happen in hospitals in first world countries. Therefore, the person will experience little or no pain.) But the question is about murder. Even violent deaths don't take very long and, due to copious amounts of adrenaline being released into the body, are quite painless. If the person's death is drawn out, the amount of pain experienced will go up dramatically. But they will most likely be in a hospital and drugs will reduce that pain.
    Rape usually is longer than a few minutes and is usually extremely painful. But the pain of rape has a psychological component, and that is where the real harm is done. Rape is dehumanizing, but while the perpetrator starts the damage the victim will continue it for a while after the attack. Sexual violence instills in the victim intense feelings of shame, which, combined with social influences, frequently result in the victim accepting the narrative that they are less than human, that they deserved what happened. PTSD stays with the majority of violent sexual assault survivors, and many victims of the more covert forms of rape. This stunst their ability to experience positive emotion, as well as their ability to form connections with other people, (an important part of a human's life, as humans are social beings.) Even if the after effects don't turn into PTSD, rape is not something you just "get over". It is an ongoing process, with many hurdles and regressions.
    These are merely ideas I want to introduce to the conversation. Myself, I'd argue that on average rape is worse than murder. There are exceptions on both sides. To some a drawn out death by torture might be worse than being coerced into having sex. To others, being violently raped would be worse than being shot in the head. Saying murder is worse because it's final is not a substantive enough response. Of course, death is an ending. You have to give a reason why that ending is so horrible. Counseling can not cure you of death, but someone who is dead is not experiencing any pain that they would need counseling. Everyone dies. Everything has its end. Death is a natural part of life, so what if it comes early and on someone else's schedule.

  • Rape destroys you forever, murder for a second.

    If someone gets raped, this person is being penetrated, abused, he/she cannot do anything against it, the person will never be able to have sex without being reminded of this again, murder is over, murder is done. When someon gets murdered they die, that's it, end of life no more problems. People commit suicide if they were raped, so basically they choose to murder themselves because they were raped, now think very well, which is worse?!

  • You can find reasoning and some justification behind murder, but rape is always absolutely negative

    To truly explain why i feel rape is worst then murder you first must take a couple of key things into mind...First on a personal level if you had to choose, which crime do you think you would be more able to commit....With murder, any human can be pushed into killing or find reason to do it, but none can be pushed or justify raping another person. Yes murder is bad but murder has a vast array of reasons people do it, everything from senseless, mentalliy, belief, passion, greed, revenge, self defense and etc...But rape has no justification or reason other then selfish, evil, and perverse. Even in prison, the inmates would prefer to be housed with any one even a murder rather then a rapist or child molester. Im sure you can find a reason or situation in which someone would choose to take a life (not saying its a good thing)....But the reasons behind rape is always the same. So in my opinion rape is worst because it takes a special evil in someone to do that to another human being, where as with murder, the circumstances and situations always depend...Yes u can have really evil ppl who kill, but do remember soldiers, police, and many other ppl kill not out of an evil reason

  • You can survive rape.

    Murder is worse, because you lose your life. If you are raped, you can recover from it, and if you happen to get pregnant from rape, you can give birth to the child, and if you want a kid, keep it. But if you don't want it, you can give some other family that might not be able to have children a child of their own. In no way do I support either one of these, but I think rape would be preferred over being killed.

  • You can't heal a dead person

    Both are bad. Duh, we all know that. The thing that separates Murder from Rape is the permanence. A person that has been raped will NEVER be the same, but that person still has the capability to heal and "make a comeback". A person who has been murdered has lost the only thing that really can't be healed or "make a comeback" (INSERT JESUS JOKE HERE).

  • Muder is the worst

    A human life is surely more valuable than a women's pride. Im not stating that rape is not a serious crime but a person loosing his/her LIFE is more serious than rape. No doubt.
    A raped women can still live with her situation, but the murdered is not even alive! A raped women can continue with her life and she still has a chance to be as happy as before because u can deal with ur dippression by going to a counsellor and many other ways to deal with it. She can definitely find a way to overcome the sorrow. But a mudered person has lost his/her life!
    Murder is definitely the worst crime.

  • All things being equal

    I see a lot of arguments pointing to justifiable murder but I don't think that is the spirit of the question. So if you evened the playing field and said you had to pick one, your daughter be raped or murdered (obviously nobody wants either of these things), which would you choose? If it were gang rape at some number of rapists you would probably choose murder but if its just one, you probably pick rape. I certainly would. She could conceivably bounce back from rape. You can't bounce back from murder.

  • Murder leaves no hope of recovery

    In fact, I am willing to go further in saying that, outside of outright blaming the victims, telling victims of legitimate rapes that rape is worse than murder is about the worst thing the society can do to them. By using suicide and permanent mental scars as justification to such a sentiment as rape being worse than murder, we are telling them that ending their own lives and not overcoming mental scars is to be their default position! Does anyone seriously think that this line of thinking is going to help rape victims? Yes, rape is horrible, and so is suicide, but suicide is the lowest common denominator. However hard recovery can be, the society should encourage and help rape victims to recover, not to relegate rape victims to the lowest denominator!

  • Of course death is worse.

    I am a criminology student, and I am currently writing about rape myths for my dissertation - the idea that 'rape is worse than death' is one of them. It is a myth, because many victims of rape choose to move on with their life and heal after the situation. By saying that rape is worse is effectively saying that a rape victim cannot move on, and that it will haunt them forever. That is not fair. We should be encouraging rape victims and supporting them - they can and WILL move on. And most do! It does not control the victim's life - don't let the rapist win.

  • Rape is bad but murder is worse

    Rape is a horrible thing. It violates someone's rights, it forces them to have sex (a very intimate act), and often emotionally scars people. But despite all of this, it doesn't kill you. It might hurt you, but you can live to see another day; you can overcome it and continue to live your life afterwards, no matter how horrible it was. Murder, however, takes away your life entirely. It violates someone's rights, it forces them to lose their life, it permanently scars those that love him/her, but you can't overcome it in the end. You have no chance of seeing light again and managing to live another day. When you're murdered, you're done. That's the end of you. You have no chance of overcoming the tragedy, and you have no chance of being able to move on. That's the end.

  • Rape can vary in its effects

    Unlike murder, if you are raped you have the opportunity to receive therapy and potentially get over the incident completely! As a whole murder creates immanent death, but also large amounts of grief. Whereas rape is more personal affecting the victim more greatly than others. The outcome of murder can not change in any situation!

  • Murder is permanent

    While the pain and suffering rape victims are condemned to is terrible, they have the option to take their own life. If you would rather be murdered than raped, then you still have the option of ending it all. Murder is worse because that choice is ripped away; if you would rather be a homicide victim then a rape victim, you can still change your mind or get help and live a happy life. No murder victim ever will.

  • Through all the scars and suffering and the horrible experiance of being rapped,you still can live to see another day.

    BOTH rape and murder Are horrible crimes and the whoever causes these crimes should be put under death row or life imprisonment,but murder is worse than rape.(rape -9.9 murder-10 on the worse-ness scale).

    2)THERE IS A CHANCE TO RECOVER THROUGH ALL THAT TRUAMA,but murder victims will be unable to
    4)You'll get to see your family and you'll still have your right to life,but in murder you go to heaven.

    If someone was kill by a rapist it's considered a murder,in my opineon.

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Adam2 says2014-04-17T19:38:51.720
Neither are good
ladiesman says2014-04-18T00:17:08.537
Both are equally reprehensible.
Thegreatdebate98 says2016-06-17T18:37:29.340
Taking away someone's life, that can never be returned is far worse than any crime. Rape is horrific and extremely traumatic for the victim, but rape victims typically have the tools to cope, whether that be provided services, or family/friends. However, murder does not only take away someone's livelihood, but it heavily effects the victim's loved ones.
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